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It’s a Crime to Not Watch Movies

A distinguished cast of characters? Or a rogues gallery?  What’s bothering me is where is Cecil Kellaway?

I found this picture among my downloads recently and thought it might be a nice way to begin a Non-Sequitur Thursday post.  Full disclosure:  I have another one of my headaches in addition to feeling quite lazy and whiny today.  I suppose you never feel lazy and whiny (you know who you are).  Well, I will bestir myself to type a few words including as few petty complaints as possible.

The above picture, in case you didn’t know, is from Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte, one of my favorite movies.  My current profile picture on Facebook is Bette Davis in that flick:

“Oh, so you want a blog post, do you?”

I am feeling a little movie melancholy these days, because our DVD/VCR abruptly quit on us during the snow storm of March 2.  It happened right after we briefly lost power.  It seems a little odd, though, because we have a power strip, which I thought was also a surge protector.  The television and cable box emerged unscathed.  Phew!  The nice this that when we finally get a new player, we will not have seen all our favorite movies for a while.

One of my other favorites.

We don’t watch as many movies these days anyways.  As regular readers know, I am addicted to true crime television.  And when I really want a movie, I have a few on my DVR, including, if I am not mistaken, a couple of Hammer Horror flicks I recorded last October and haven’t watched yet.

Who could be uncheered by a vampire?

Or I could just read a book.

You were expecting War and Peace?

I see I am closing in on almost 300 words.  300 silly words, but aren’t they usually?  I’m going to watch a true crime show till bedtime.  Maybe a monster movie tomorrow.  Or perhaps I will have a Mohawk Valley adventure I can write a real blog post about.  As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.



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  1. I watched Wind River which was not based on one true murder but a culmination of many missing and murdered Native American girls and women. I love Jeremy Renner and the Olsen girl is Elisabeth. Not sure if an “s” or “z” in spelling her name. (?)
    I recommend this. We got it at the Redbox.
    I watched Top of the Lake fictional series set in New Zealand. It was well worth the six hours of viewing library DVD’s, to get to the totally unexpected ending!
    Elisabeth Moss is a police detective, with a sad, strange back story. Holly Hunter is bizarre, hippie guru. A few other familiar faces. I was drawn in by the use of the scenery! It is mesmerizing. . . I like old movies and loved your Dick and Jane Vampire Reader (book.) 🦇🦇

    • Once we get our DVD player working, or get a new one, I am going to start checking the library for movies and television; I’ve heard you can get almost anything through inter-library loan. Top of the Lake sounds interesting, as does Wind River. Thanks for the recommendations!

  2. I love a good movie! Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte was a great one. “Monster Movie Matinee” was a Saturday morning favorite of mine at 11:30…That show may do well again today, along with good Saturday morning cartoons.


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