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Why I Did Not Make a Post

This is going to be a short, self-indulgent post wherein I apologize for not making a post yesterday.  I left in the morning to spend a wonderful day with family.  I returned early enough to make a blog post, but first I went out on the deck to enjoy a glass of wine and some time with my husband.

Lounging in a comfy chair, watching the changing light in the sky, all I wanted to do was just stay there and relax.  And all I wanted to do after that was lounge in my bed reading a book till it was time to go to sleep.  The thought of picking up my Tablet and venturing online was not a pleasant one, and no threat of guilt the next day could sway me.

In point of fact, I could have made a blog post in the morning; I had time to do so.  However, I was enjoying a leisurely morning.  Eventually I went for a short run.  I thought about making a Running Commentary post, but instead put on a fashion show for my husband.  Well, I had to figure out my outfit for the day!  What better way than to pose in front of Steven, both getting his input and testing which clothes are most comfortable?

So the post did not get made, and now I am over 200 words explaining why not.  I’ll try for a better post later on today, but as usual,  no promises.



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