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Why Do I Do These Things?

Well, I’ve done it again.  I’ve let another day pass without making a blog post, so here I am at 4 a.m. trying to post something, anything, so I am not another day behind.  I am the more urgently typing (one letter at a time with the stylus,  by the way) because this morning I return to work.

I have not talked about it much, because this is not a work blog, but I have been on furlough from my place of employment since June.  I will be very happy to be back at work and gainfully employed.  Even more happy will I be to once again have an excuse for not meeting my writing, running, weight loss, and house cleaning goals.

Yes, for the past few days I have been sadly admitting to myself that I pretty much wasted my time off.  I have no excuse. I comfort myself with the thought that no life is wasted, because it can always stand as a bad example.

So here I am, a bad example for all.  Will I spend the rest of my life profiting from the bad example I have been thus far?  Perhaps.  I must have some coffee and ponder the thought (yes, I have made this entire post before coffee. Does it show?)


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  1. I didn’t work much in July. I thought I would get so much done! I got a few things off the list, but I mostly watched Netflix and played video games. Oh well, all we can do is move forward, right?

  2. I was going to ask if you had retired. I noticed an increase in your adventures so you didn’t completely waste your time!


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