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Will My Next Post Be From Jail?

Oh dear.  As I was sitting here trying to think of something to write a blog post about, the phone rang.  Not recognizing the number on my Caller ID on TV,  I let the machine pick it up.  It turns out, I am being sued by the Social Security Administration. At least, the first part of the recorded message was cut off, so maybe my husband, Steven, is the one being sued.

Obviously I am now too stressed to make a proper blog post.  I didn’t know government agencies sued people. I thought they garnished your wages or threw you in jail (as a side note: when people talk about garnishing wages, am I the only one that flashes on sprigs of parsley?). Perhaps I should listen to the message again…

Filing a lawsuit AND an arrest warrant.  And the beginning of the message was not cut off; they just didn’t say who the message was for. They told me to press one now, but obviously I could not do that, since I had not picked up the phone at the time.

Anyways, it gave me three paragraphs of a blog post.  I think I’ll still be able to sleep tonight as well as avoid stress eating over a potential lawsuit or arrest. But I will definitely keep you posted on any further developments.


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  1. Scam?

  2. A few months ago the SSA told me I was in trouble too. I have decided to let them repossess my social security number. Then they can pay my taxes for me. I feel like my logic is quite sound! 🙂


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