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My Bad

I guess not posting on Saturday is a thing now. Of course I had better intentions, I always do! In fact, I typed in the following early yesterday evening:

I thought I could make a Scattered Saturday post before leaving for dinner with friends.  I had meant to make a Saturday Running Commentary post, having had a pretty good run this morning.  My in-head narration was pretty good, if I recall.

I’m sitting on my couch, typing one letter at a time with the stylus on my Tablet, wearing a black sheath dress with pantyhose, with a fan on me, because of course I am having a hot flash. I hope that gives you the picture, because I am not taking a selfie.

Just as an aside, I am not one to have a Little Black Dress I wear for any and all occasions.  I prefer color. However, my wardrobe is in bad shape these days.  I picked up this dress at a rummage sale, untried-on, because it was fill three bags for a dollar day. What could I lose?

I am pairing my black dress with a many-colored blazer.  For accessories I have gold beads, a gold topaz bracelet, and three different elegant earrings.

And that was when Steven said we had better get going, so I saved it and got going.  What a lovely time we had!  I should write a blog post about it.  But first, I shall publish this draft, as my Sorry About Saturday post.  Hey, that sounds like a new category for Mohawk Valley Girl!


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  1. You are so not bad…You’ve extremely lovely…


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