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Just a Fast Excuse

I shall peck out a fast excuse early Tuesday morning (YES, it does not agree with my WordPress timestamp,  I can’t help that) for not posting on Monday.  I might as well admit it, I was too depressed.

It is no use pointing out to myself that my personal situation is not that bad.  I certainly AM grateful that I am employed, that most of my loved ones are somewhat healthy (that is, they do not have Covid-19), and myriad other blessings.  Apparently it is possible to feel grateful and depressed at the same time.

Oh just listen to me whine!  Now I am depressed and embarrassed!  And about to laugh at myself, which is another blessing.  I often laugh at myself.  Sometimes it is not easy being me, but it is often amusing.

So I just wrote (actually hunt-and-peck typed with the stylus on my Tablet) myself into a better mood.  I shall quit while I am ahead, as they advise (you know them, or do I mean THEM, the giant ants?  Oh, I should have had a Monstrous Monday!).  Happy Monday/Tuesday,  everyone?



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