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Revisiting Junes Past

This is a view I would like.

This is not my current view.  For one reason, the Hot Spot Salon and Spa is currently unable to offer pedicures.  I should really paint my own toenails.  But never mind that.  This is a Throwback Thursday Post.  I found the above picture in my Media Library under June 2019.  I find it inspirational.

Will they be as good this year?

And here is a picture from June 2018.  I hope my irises are as beautiful this year.  I may find out soon.

Ooh, a year of more pesto!

This is my basil container from June 2017.  I did not use that container this year.  Damn!  And I was so pleased with my basil!  But I suppose I must make do.

That is as far back as my Junes go.  I only started my Media Library in October of 2016.  But this is too short for a post.  Let me see what else I can come up with.

He loves me, he loves me not…

Here is a favorite picture from last June.  I know it is not the best thing to let things grow in the cracks of pavement, but I just have to admire the will to live of these plants.  And not just live, but spread beauty and joy.  I flash on Jeff Goldblum in the first Jurassic Park movie: “Life finds a way.”

I guess my blog finds a way, too, because I sat here disinclined to post anything till I thought of Throwback Thursday.  I hope to see you all again tomorrow for Lame Post Friday.



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