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I Wanted to Save a Life

Today is going to be a Tired Tuesday Post, because I feel quite terrible. I gave blood today for the first time in at least a few years. I just have not wanted to feel awful if I could avoid it.

In my defense, I often have other responsibilities: rehearsals for plays or murder mysteries, training for runs… OK, those are my main things. Additionally, I often suffer from migraines, vertigo, and other ailments.

Oh, just listen to me whine and make excuses! I mean, don’t listen to me. don’t mind me at all. Let’s just call this a Blogger’s Sick Day and drive on. However, in the interests in offering some entertainment, I append my silly selfie taken after this morning’s run. I ran well before I gave blood.

I DO look silly, don’t I?

I’m sure I will feel better tomorrow. I will certainly try to make a better blog post.


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