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So I had my first full day of work since late October. I guess I am once again gainfully employed. However, I am being trained and am still on my probationary period. I am trying to remain positive, but this could still go south.

In the meantime, blog posts must be made. At least, my blog posts by me, to the best of my ability. Full disclosure: I am not feeling particularly able tonight. No matter. I will think of something.

It’s a Barista Bar!

I thought I would throw in a picture to pep things up. I was talking about this place to my mother earlier this evening. It is a lovely place to get coffee, located on Genessee Street in Utica, NY. I may write an article about it to submit to Mohawk Valley Living magazine.

Unfortunately, as I was talking to Mom, I could not remember the name of the place. Something fancier than “cafe.” I knew it began with a “b,” but all I could think of was “bistro,” and I knew that wasn’t it.

“It’ll come to me,” I said. It did not, till I saw the picture. “Barista Bar!” I exclaimed, which confused my husband, although he is used to me.

I could use a cup of coffee to pep myself up right now, but it would probably keep me up all night. On the brighter side, this post is over 200 words. I call that respectable for a Non-Sequitur Thursday Post. I hope to see you all again for Lame Post Friday.


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