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Another Wine-y Post

Today was (is) National Drink Wine Day. I heard that on the news this morning, as did a number of my co-workers.

“Just to clarify,” I asked, “It is not Gluck Down The Whole Bottle At One Sitting Day, correct?”

A co-worker said she felt there should be no judgement. A kind, insightful woman,

No, I am not glucking down bottles but merely enjoying a glass. I only mention the fact because, well, this is my blog post and I don’t have a whole lot else to talk about. Judge me if you are so inclined.

Regular readers (if I still have any) know I have been having a difficult time lately, writing or doing almost anything else. I go through these patches. For the most part I keep making daily blog posts, because that is what I do. Sometimes they are whiny. Sometimes they are about wine. Some of them I label Non-sequitur Thursday, hit Publish, and drive on.


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