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All I have for my Saturday Evening Blog Post (You, know, like Saturday Evening Post, only I stuck in Blog) is a few pictures of a great big icicle hanging off my roof.

Can you see how big it is?

Steven noticed it earlier this week and warned me not to park my car directly underneath it. Naturally I wanted to take a picture but did not get a chance till much later.

Can you tell?

I had gone out to meet my friend Kim and when I got home I paused for a few shots. I got one where you can see it is at least as long as a window.

I stood in the road to get that one.

iI suppose it does not make much of a blog post, but at least I find it more amusing than yet another post about Not Making a Blog Post Today. I hope at least for tomorrow I can make at least some semblance of a Post. As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.


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  1. wow, that is very impressive! Dangerous, too lol

  2. That is one huge icicle! Imagine the size of the drink that could be a stir stick for! 😲


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