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Is It Still Christmas? I Hope So!

OK, here’s the deal, I am really drunk, we just heard that Betty White died, and I did not make a blog post yesterday. Can I make a blog post now? The answer must be yes.

I had meant to make a Throwback Thursday Post yesterday but could not muster the necessary oomph.

He’s the best.

Here is a true Throwback: a delightful Santa that lives at my parents’ house. It was a recurring joke for some years that my husband, Steven, would leave his clothes out of his suitcase and take that nice Santa Claus.

Since that time we have acquired a number of nice Santa Clauses of our own. Can I find a picture of same?

Are they not delightful?

It has been a wonderful wonderful Christmas season. My Tablet is not being especially helpful in my efforts to make a post today. No matter. I wish you joy in your continued yuletide festivities.


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  1. My tablet in these last two days has made me relearn whole new ways to approach all of my WordPress tasks as all the home screens now pop up with different looks and configurations, Cynthia, despite my attempt to use the work-arounds to go back to the old ways that have become my crutch as these changes are forced upon us. I’ve assumed it’s yet more deadlines they’ve decided will make blogging life easier for us but I think are just awful. There, I said it. I love your Santa Clause collection!! Happy New Year, may we somehow continue to blog on.


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