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At Least I Was Writing Something

Yesterday was a Blogger’s Sick Day. I did not post, because I felt like crap. I almost did not post this morning, because I thought, “I don’t have anything to say. What is the point in yet another post where I offer a lame excuse about why I didn’t post yesterday.” Then I thought of something to say.

Long time readers know I write actual snail mail letters. At least, I don’t think I have mentioned that lately, but I do. This week, I have been working on a letter to my sister Diane, who also writes letters (in much prettier handwriting than mine, but never mind that now). I sat at the break table at work, before my shift started, writing. A co-worker walked by.

“You writing a novel?”

“Just a letter to my sister.”

“Nobody does that an more!”

“We do.”

The next day, it was my boss asking. He pointed out the existence of phone calls and Face Time.

I said, “Nobody wants to see this face for any length of time.”

He said I would be surprised at the faces that do it. It’s true. No face is so ugly that somebody, somewhere, isn’t happy to see it. I hope.

Next a co-worker asked me if I was writing a “journal of this place.” Certainly not! I guess this counts as a workplace anecdote, but this is not and has never been a work blog. That could get me in trouble with management.


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  1. My BFF and I do that. We try to keep each other updated in life that way, and mail them once a month or so.

  2. I think I will write some letters and surprise a couple of people. I miss the days I had pen-pals.


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