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Who Me? Have a Bad Attitude?

I used to have a feature called Bad Attituesday. I am reviving it for today. Oh, am I ever in a rotten mood! And, you know, sometimes you just have to feel that way until you don’t feel that way any more.

It’s not that I have a good reason to feel that way. Yes, some things are bothering me. There is no point in listing them. For one reason, nobody wants to hear me bitch. Moreover, most people would read them and say, “That’s not so bad. What’s her problem?” I, on the other hand, might in the act of describing them become ever more incensed and convinced of the validity of my rotten mood.

Gee, that doesn’t paint me as a very good writer, does it, when the only person I can convince is myself. Although it does give me a bit of a laugh. That is my saving grace: I can usually laugh at myself.

Additionally, it seems that writing the preceding paragraphs has alleviated my rotten mood. I am not yet feeling jolly, but I am no longer at the teeth grinding stage.

So this is today’s blog post: a few words about my bad attitude with no useful insights. But at least I got to 200 words. And I guess it makes a change from Tired Tuesday.


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  1. I have had so many vivid and annoying dreams lately. I wake in a bad mood. You can bitch all you want on your blog!

  2. I like the greens for St Patrick’s day…I did not know you had green eyes. Me too. I bet when you cry they look like nuclear christmas trees. So no crying, even on Bad attitudesday…change that to Bad Ass-tudes day. Got your letter, that was genuinely a great surprise in my mail box. I have an idea for us to do…go out to dinner in the Herkimer-Illion area and go see my soon to be nephew Shawn Big sexy Smith, he plays in that area a lot…Frattellos in Frankfort?


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