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It Is Monday. I Muse.

Monday has traditionally been a day I let myself off the hook.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I let myself off the hook all the time!  There’s Tired Tuesday,  Wuss-out Wednesday,  and who could forget Lame Post Friday? That said, I let myself off the hook today.

For one reason,  I returned to work, at a previous place of employment.  This is not a work blog, so I will not elaborate except to say that it was not a bad day at all.  My former co-workers welcomed me back, which felt very nice indeed.  Still, work is work, and I am not a young woman.  I returned home tired and mentally revising the to-do list I had compiled this morning.

See, this is how hard I worked today.

I was afraid the post was a bit dull, so I threw in a picture.  Joan Crawford with an ax, there could be no possible objection.

Four things I felt must be done on my list:  take out trash and recyclables, fix tomorrow’s lunch, put on coffee, and make my blog post.  I have done (am doing) them in that order.

It was not on my list, but I did watch Dateline.

I am navigating my life as a widow with varying degrees of success.  I believe that is to be expected.  I look at other people who have greater tragedies to deal with and fewer supports to help them, and I count my blessings.  This does not necessarily alleviate my feelings, but I try to let it inform my behavior.  I don’t know if that makes any sense.  Do you suppose sense is overrated?

I see I am over 250 words.  Score!  I am going to bill this as a Middle-aged Musings Monday, although a friend recently pointed out that if I am middle-aged now, I must live to be well over 100.  Don’t you just hate those didactic types?



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  1. You’re an amazing strong organized and beautiful person. You’re setting up plans and following them. I’d be a scatterbrained fool in your shoes. You’re awesome.
    What do you suppose she was using the axe on???? Hmmmm…

    • You are very sweet to say such nice things to me. I do not think you would be a scatterbrained fool ever. Regarding Joan, you can watch the movie StraitJacket to find out; it’s a really fun flick!


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