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Saturday Morning Walk

Other Saturdays I have gone running in the morning and then blogged about my run. Today I walked to the bank with Tabby, so my post will be about that.

I had a couple of checks I wanted to deposit in my Mad Money account at First Source Federal Credit Union here in Herkimer. I like that bank, because they are dog friendly. They don’t mind if Tabby comes in with me; in fact, they usually give her a treat. I thought they opened at eight, so we set out accordingly. I figured if I was wrong and they didn’t open till nine, I could get two walks in.

It was cold! Our thermometer said thirty-one degrees, and I believed it. The grass was stiff with last night’s heavy frost. I slipped on a little ice in the driveway and told myself I’d better watch it. I quickly put on the headband I had put in my pocket in case I needed it. I was wearing a jacket large enough to pull the sleeves down over my hands. Tabby did not seem to mind the temperature, but then she has a built in fur coat. I kept telling myself, wait till February. Then when it gets to be thirty-one degrees, we’ll be rejoicing in the warm weather. Perspective is a wonderful thing.

We saw a young person wearing pajama bottoms walking a large dog on the other side of the street. I could not tell if it was a young man or a young woman, because he or she was bundled up in a coat and hat, and the pajama bottoms were gender neutral. I mentally deplored again the fashion of wearing pajamas in public. Then again, maybe the person had just rolled out of bed and did not want to make their dog wait for its morning business meeting. Anyways, who am I to judge other people’s clothing? Especially when you consider some of my crazy old lady outfits. Tabby and the other dog regarded each other suspiciously but did not bark. Good dogs.

Tabby did her business, and as we continued toward the bank I kept an eye out for a trash can. You would think some of these businesses would have one by the door. At last I found one. I did not want to carry Tabby’s poop into the bank. I carried it into the post office once, set it down to transact my business and forgot it. I went back to get it and apologized, but how embarrassing. And pretty gross for other people.

After I made my deposit and Tabby got her treat, we went home by a different route. We saw a pug I know across the street but did not get near enough to pet him. He looked at us rather interestedly but kept walking, pausing of course to sniff or poop. Closer to home I got to pet two sweet shih tzu looking dogs (I’m never sure about breeds; I ought to get a book). Tabby touched noses with them but was more interested in heading home.

I have at least one more walk in mind for later today, as well as a couple other Mohawk Valley adventures. This morning’s stroll was a pleasant way to start my day.

Pre-Adventure Activities

Saturday I wanted to get an early start on our Fly Creek adventure. I did not go so far as to set my alarm, though. I had done that for the DARE run the previous Saturday (it’s like a game: how many more posts can I mention the DARE run in?). I feel that was perfectly acceptable, but to set my alarm merely to get up and do random fun things on a day off struck me as too much. All this by way of saying, I did not get as early a start as I had wanted.

I went running first thing. Come to think of it, I did a blog post on that. Nothing further to report.

We needed some money for our adventures, so we went to First Source Federal Credit Union, which holds our Mad Money account. I love the Herkimer branch of First Source, because they are dog friendly. We walked down with our dog one time to make a deposit, and Steven stayed discreetly outside with Tabby while I went in.

“Oh, you can bring your dog in,” the teller told me. I immediately went and told Steve. Tabby is, even if I say it myself, an exceptionally adorable dog. The tellers all admired her, a couple even coming out to pet her. They also gave her a treat, of which they keep a supply to give dogs in cars utilizing the drive through. I think Tabby cares more for the attention than the treat, but she liked that too.

Ever since that day, we almost always walk to the bank with Tabby to transact our business, rather than using the drive through, phone lines, or on-line banking, the last of which I don’t properly understand anyways. We like to take Tabby for a walk before we leave her for a few hours anyways, so we put her on the leash and enjoyed the very pleasant morning weather. They almost forgot to give Tabby her treat at the bank, but Steven reminded them.

Consequently, the morning was farther advanced than I had anticipated when we started for Fly Creek. We did not mind. It was the beginning of another fun Saturday in the Mohawk Valley.

A note to my readers: If you read all my posts (and I don’t flatter myself that many people do), you may notice that the events in today’s post actually preceded the events in Sunday’s post. Well, I started out to write about the Cider Mill and got a little sidetracked. I thought it would be OK, and I hope to finally get to the Cider Mill tomorrow.