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Or Was it a Scattered Sunday?

How about a new feature: Sleepy Sunday. For the Sundays when I am ready to head to bed and realize I have not made my blog post yet. In recent months at these times, I have thought, Oh hell, I’ll just make my blog post in the morning (and once again, autocorrect, no, I do not mean “he’ll” I mean “hell”). I am trying not to do that any more, because I like to take a walk in the morning.

I have had an uneventful Sunday. I went for a walk. I decided not to go to the grocery store as I usually do. I did a load of laundry. I read a book (didn’t finish it). I watched a couple of movies with my husband, working on crochet till the yarn made me too warm. I made tomorrow’s lunch.

Oh, that brings me to something interesting, to me anyways. I am trying to make refrigerator oatmeal for tomorrow’s breakfast. I looked up some recipes online but did not follow any of them exactly. If it turns out good, I will share how I did it in a future blog post.

What’s that you say? Tell you now? No way! You might say, “That’ll never work!” and be right. Then you can say, “Told you so!” I don’t need any hecklers on Sleepy Sunday.