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Don’t Swoon: Eat Some Pie!

This will be a Wrist to Forehead Sunday post, because I am SO in a mood to swoon upon a chaise lounge, dramatically posed with the back of one wrist to my forehead. The headache that plagued me this morning faded, but I got very little of use done.

Oh, wait, one thing we did: my husband Steve and I made a chocolate pie. It was a pretty easy recipe. Yet I think to tell it will be marginally more entertaining than to continue to whine about headaches and uselessness.

Steven had a craving for pie, and his favorite is chocolate. We had a ready-made crust in the freezer. We thought we did not have any chocolate pudding, but I pointed out we have some mincemeat I recently found for 50% off at Hannaford (with an expiration date of like 2023, score!). Then Steve found a box of chocolate pudding mix in the cupboard. Awesome!

The first step was to put the crust out to thaw at room temperature for 90 minutes. So much for instant gratification! We watched a DVR’d episode of Svengoolie to help pass the time.

I loves me some Svengoolie.

After about an hour, I started making the pudding. We took turns stirring, because you are supposed to stir it constantly. Then we let it set to cool and thicken. Soon it was time to bake the crust. I had foresightedly preheated the oven while we made the pudding. It only had to bake for ten minutes, then I put it in the refrigerator to chill.

It took longer to chill than we had hoped, but eventually I was able to put the pudding in the crust and put the whole thing back in the fridge.

OK, we did not wait till it was thoroughly chilled to have a piece. It was still yummy, especially with a good dollop of Whipped Topping. Steven had a second piece a couple of hours later.

I guess this doesn’t make too bad of a blog post. Maybe I’ll have a second piece of pie myself. Or it might make a tasty breakfast. Yum!

Practically Health Food

This will be a cooking post. I had wanted some Running Commentary, or even a Pedestrian Post, but the weather is working against me. In desperation, I made some Chocolate Bark, just so I would have something to write about.

I got out my fancy double boiler (you know, frying pan of water with a pot in it), and set some dark chocolate chips to melt, adding a tablespoon of olive oil. The recipe also calls for some extract, almond or peppermint or something, but I didn’t have any so left it out and hoped for the best.

While it heated, I pulled out a baking dish and lined it with tin foil, which I sprayed with cooking spray. The recipe said “greased tin foil.” What I did was good enough, right?

Then I commenced to breaking up the candy canes. I forgot what a pain in the butt it is getting the plastic shrink wrap off those things! It comes off in pieces then the pieces stick to your hand when you try to throw them out. Grr! And I had not realized we were out of large plastic bags so pulled out a sandwich bag and looked for my metal meat pounder. Of course I could not find it (regular readers are not surprised either). I used the handle of my pizza cutter. Soon I had a baggy of large pieces of candy cane and candy cane powder. It would have to do.

By now the water was boiling and the chocolate was melting. I stirred it till the lumps were gone and poured it into the baking dish. That sure didn’t make much! Damn! I threw in some of the peppermint, almonds and raisins. Then I put the (fancy) double boiler back on and found my other bag of dark chocolate chips (I try to keep a spare of such things on hand in case of just such an emergency).

Two bags worth of chocolate looked good. I put in the rest of the candy cane remains, added more almonds and raisins and stirred. Spread it out as evenly as I could — no egregiously deep spots, no tinfoil showing through. After I had scraped the pot and cleaned up a little, I covered the baking dish and cleared a space for it in the refrigerator.

Tomorrow or much later tonight (Steven and I have a play to go to — preview of coming attractions), we will break or cut up the bark and taste test it. Whatever is left after taste testing I plan to take to my parents’ house for Christmas Eve, but I make no promises. For heavens’ sake: dark chocolate, almonds, raisins — I’m sure there’s even health benefits from candy canes, because, you know, peppermint tea — it’s practically health food!