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Cooking Without a Vague Idea

Well, I had thought about doing a cooking post for Non-Sequitur Thursday, but I am not convinced that what I cooked tonight is all that blogworthy.  Then again, I got nuthin’ else.   It’s been a rough week, especially for a short one.  But my purpose here is not to bitch but to blog.  So on with the blog.

I have not been cooking lately, because Steven comes home so much later than I do and I go to bed so early, I usually just eat something when I get home, then he eats something when he gets home, and then I write a run-on sentence about it.  Today I had thought all day about cooking something.  I even had a vague idea of what to cook.  I won’t tell you what it was, though, because I didn’t do it and I might yet one day.  Then I’ll have another blog post.

When I got home, I felt down.  Oops, slipped in a little bitch.  Eventually I got myself to do a couple of things: showered, put in a load of laundry, took the dog for a walk.  I thought it would cheer me up to cook something.  I have long been an advocate of the therapeutic benefits of chopping vegetables.  Accordingly, I looked to see if I had a yellow onion in the refrigerator (I knew I had a red one).  I did have one great big yellow one.  I only cut up about a quarter of it, which I put in my cast iron frying pan with some canola oil.

Next I crushed some garlic and set the timer so it could breathe for 15 minutes.  Regular readers will realize that this is how most of my recipes begin.  Onion and garlic in oil, first letting the garlic breathe.  How dull.  This is why I almost didn’t write a blog post about it.  After the 15 minutes, I put the garlic in the pan with the onion.  I had covered the pan, by the way.

When the onion was pretty much cooked, I added some miniature kielbasas we had leftover from pigs-in-a-blanket Steven had fixed recently.   I found some frozen spinach in the freezer (where else?) and a can of mushroom pieces and stems in the pantry.  Should I add anything else, I asked myself.  A search of the cupboard and refrigerator did not result in any ideas.  After a while, I cooked some twisty macaronis to add to the other mixture.

Steven was pleased to come home and find dinner almost done.  We both thought it tasted pretty good.  At least it was good enough to have seconds and no leftovers.  Was it a good enough blog post?  Only you, dear reader, can be the judge of that.