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Who Are You Calling a Dip?

Tonight is the first monthly dinner meeting of Ilion Little Theatre Club for the 2015-16 season.  I plan to attend.  After all, I like to believe I am a valued member of the organization.  Then again, every member is valuable.  We all make our contributions.

I intend to bring chips and dip as my contribution to the meal.  I usually bring an appetizer kind of thing, because I am usually hungry as soon as I get there (full disclosure:  I am hungry most of the time; that’s why I’m overweight).  Sometimes it is pepperoni, cheese and crackers.  I thought this time I’d mix it up a little.  I thought, “I’ll make my famous garlic dip.”  However, since I am sometimes mandated to work late, I asked Steven to pick up a package of onion soup mix, so I would have a faster option.

At work today, I pondered what I would do.  If I got home at my usual time, prior to four p.m., I would crush some garlic and get to work.  If I got home later, I had my onion soup mix back-up plan.  Everything would be great.

So I got home at the regular time and felt utterly exhausted.  I don’t know what my problem is. I came home and stayed there Monday and Tuesday.  Only on Wednesday did I have to rush back out for our pick-up rehearsal.  Could it be I am getting old?  SAY IT AIN’T SO! Let’s blame it on the extra weight.  I can lost weight (maybe) but I sure as hell can’t get any younger (and anyone who says they can is LYING!).

The first thing I saw when I came into the kitchen (after my beloved husband), was the box of onion soup mix (store brand, by the way).  I debated.  For one reason, I had planned to write my blog post about making my famous garlic dip.  Food posts are usually fun, and well received by many.  First I would sit down, have a cup of coffee, take off my work shoes, breathe a little…

You can see where this is going.  I still have not mixed up the dip, but I intend to as soon as I hit Publish (oh yeah, and share the post on Facebook).  It will be the easy kind.  I think my theatre friends will be OK with it.  I only hope my blog reading friends are OK with a post about… well, this. Then again, this is Non-Sequitur Thursday. Happy Thursday, everyone.