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Never Drink and Type Be Damned!

I am sitting on my deck with my husband Steven, sipping wine and swapping stories with our dear friends Phyllis and Jim.  We went to a wine tasting at a Valley Wine and Spirits in Herkimer and then dinner at Copper Moose Alehouse in Little Falls.  We had a couple of glasses of wine with dinner.

A blog post must be made.  I always make a blog post.  To be sure, I could have made a blog post earlier today.  I was home. I was even on the computer.  I did not feel like making a blog post.

Full disclosure:  I do not particularly feel like making a blog post now.  I feel like continuing to sit and sip. And listen to silly jokes from my friends.

Oh dear, now they are talking about political posts on Facebook.  I like to stay off politics.  Too much hate.  I don’t have a problem with people disagreeing with me or with each other.  I do have a problem with people making hurtful, hateful, nasty personal attacks on people who do not agree with them.  Do you suppose people will hate on me for expressing such an opinion?  Oh I hate for people to hate on me.

OK, this is what happens when I have the rule of posting every day and I do not make my post early on my day off.  Please be amused by me.  Please continue to read when I manage to post before I have had any wine.  Thank you.