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Definitely an LP, not a 45

What does one do when one is striving NOT to indulge in a Non-Sequitur Thursday post but cannot think of anything  worth writing a blog post about?

I actually have a delightful local business I have been writing about today, but that was for an article to submit to Mohawk Valley Living.  Don’t tell anybody, but it is not going as well as I had hoped.  One problem is that I cannot find the notebook I had with me the day we visited the place.  I remember some of the things I took notes about but cannot remember the notes themselves.  It is most distressing. I think I will be able to finish the article anyways, but I’m afraid it will not be as good.

As any writer can tell you, Fear of Not Being Good Enough can be paralyzing.  What is it called?  Inadequaphobia?  Probably nothing that explanatory.  It’s probably something derived from the Latin meaning “doesn’t have her act together.”  I should have taken a course in Latin.

It does not help that my spring allergies have kicked in big time.  I suppose it could also be a cold or the flu or some undefined virus.  Who ever knows what’s wrong with me anyways?  At any rate, I feel like crap and I am trying to get my work done while reminding myself that nobody want to hear AGAIN how lousy I feel.  What a broken-record kvetch I am!

For younger readers (if any)  that does not mean I broke a record for being the biggest kvetch (although that could be true as well).  It has to do with vinyl records on a turntable.  Get your grandparents to explain.

Now I’m thinking, “Oh, hell, my blog readers probably don’t want to hear about it either.” That is a problem.  Perhaps I can come up with another idea by the end of the day.

Well, obviously I did not.  However, I did get my article written and submitted.  Also, I’m feeling worse than ever and I don’t care who’s sick of hearing me complain.  Yes, I’m indulging in Non-Sequitur Thursday.  Now I’m going to indulge in Going Straight to Bed.