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Wednesday I had nothing planned except to grocery shop, and my schedule was such that I could not make it to a farmer’s market or some small local store with character. Don’t get me wrong, I love Hannaford, but does it really have the Mohawk Valley cachet I strive for in my blog?

Then I remembered something: Hannaford loves local. They tack up little notes letting you know when something is produced in New York State. “This could be fun!” I whipped out my little notebook, and Steven and I were in a scavenger hunt to see how many locally produced products we could find.

The first thing we spotted was Finster Honey of Frankfort. In fact we have a jar of this on our counter at home. Then Steven remembered, before even seeing the display, Heidelberg Bread of Herkimer. My mom, who lives in Rome, often asks me to pick up a loaf of that for family gatherings. Right next to the Heidelberg display was Mastroianni Bread of Rotterdam. I’m not clear on where Rotterdam is, but it’s in New York State, so it’s OK by me.

In the meat department my eye caught Dino’s Meatballs, made in Utica. That reminded me we were out of sausage, and Dino’s is what we usually buy. I found some sweet, so as not to make Steven’s bald spot sweat. Gianelli’s Sausage of Syracuse was nearby, but we went for the Utica product.

In the freezer section we noted Ray’s Bagels from the Bronx and Hannaford Frozen Bagels made in Macedonia. I’d have to look up Macedonia, but the Bronx is definitely not in the Mohawk Valley. Still, it is New York State. Across the aisle we saw Heluva Good Cheese from Sodus. I had to tell Steven how to pronounce that one.

Back in frozen we discovered Birds Eye Frozen Vegetables are made in Fulton. That was news to me. We could have gotten Pede Frozen Pasta from Schenectady (one of my favorite places because it is fun to say; try it) or Celentary Rosina from Buffalo, but settled on Cora Cheese Tortellini, distributed by Cora Imports of Utica. In deference to my diet we refrained from purchasing Mercer Ice Cream from Boonville.

On our way out we noted Spano Italian Bread of Utica and Chobani Yoghurt from new Berlin, two of our favorites but we had no need of them last night.

We were not doing a full shop so I’m sure we missed other fine New York State products. Still, it was a fun scavenger hunt. I call it another fun thing to do in the Mohawk Valley.

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