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Little Falls Fun

So Steven and I headed to Little Falls Saturday for what I thought was called Canalfest.

Steven is always a little nervous about driving into Little Falls, because it can be confusing to get around with all the one way streets. He can reliably get to Canal Place, which was one place we definitely wanted to get to, but we wanted to check out some other things first.

We were happy to find Main Street. We knew that was where M&T Bank, which hosts the weekly Farmer’s Market, is located. Before we were anywhere near the bank, however, we saw a big to-do going on in what I later found out was Eastern Park.

I picked up a booklet about Canalfest, or rather the 24th Annual Canal Celebration 2011, Little Falls, NY Bicentennial 1811-2011, according to the front of the booklet. I could swear the newspaper was calling it Canalfest. Anyways, I proceeded to not consult the booklet for the rest of the day, but I knew it would prove useful when writing my blog posts (for example, informing me that it was Eastern Park).

The guy at the Veteran’s Booth in Eastern Park chatted us up for a while. He told us about a ceremony for fallen soldiers to take place in September. I made a note of the date (preview of coming attractions). I put a donation in the jar, for which the guy gave me one of those little flowers to attach to my purse. He also gave me a United States Army sticker for the back window of my truck. (You would think I would have one of those by now. For heavens’ sake, I’ve been a veteran since 1997.)

Steven and I proceeded to stroll through the various vendors. I resolutely resisted the fair food. It was too soon after breakfast. I would have regretted that Blooming Onion.

We put in for the Chinese Auction at the HALO booth. That’s Helping Animals Live Organization, I think. They mostly help cats. I’ll have to find out more about them; that would be another good blog topic.

As we enjoyed the many vendors, we did not make any purchases but picked up a few business cards, most notably one of a lady from Rochester selling some beautiful tie-dyes. A lady doing palm readings said she would tell us one thing apiece for free. She actually told us each several things. They weren’t all true, but I did not contradict her. She was a nice lady, and it might be fun to have a palm reader at a party sometime.

We returned to the car briefly so I could drink some water, then decided to stroll down Main Street in search of the Farmers Market or other Canal Celebration activities (I’m probably going to milk this topic all week).

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