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More Little Falls Fun

This is a continuation of our delightful day in Little Falls partaking of the Canal Celebration activities.

After leaving Eastern Park we noticed signs saying “Book Sale Today” at the public library, which was right across the street. We decided to hit that on our way back and continued down Main Street.

The time was about 11:30, and I knew the Farmers Market ran till noon. It was a lovely morning for a walk, and Main Street in Little Falls is distinctive. Steven says it looks like an old fashioned town, and he’s right. There is a strip mall across the street, but the side we were on had a covered sidewalk and various interesting looking businesses. We passed Smokey D’z BBQ, which is located where East End Steakhouse used to be. We also passed Little Falls Hardware, FF Floor and Furniture Restoration Co., and All Events Engraving, to name a few.

From a distance we had seen a tent. Getting closer we saw it was the German Mannerchor. There were tables and chairs under the tent, but nothing had started there as of yet. I saw beer mentioned on a sign and said I’d like to check it out later, but alas, that never happened. I later found out that Johnson & Co. had performed there that evening. I was sorry to have missed that. I have beer at home, but a good band like Johnson & Co. you don’t hear every day of the week (although we did hear a good band at Canal Place Later; that’ll be in tomorrow’s post).

In due course we got to the bank and the Farmer’s Market. Lots of fresh produce and some pretty flowers. The only thing we bought, though, was Herkimer Home t-shirt. We love the Herkimer Home. We walked back along a parallel street, just for variety’s sake. We saw an Amish horse and buggy waiting at a corner so quietly we didn’t realize at first it was a real horse.

At last we reached the library and after a couple of tries found the right door to get in. Ah, book sales. One of my favorite things. I quickly found a few books: a biography of F. Scott Fitzgerald, a Jacqueline Susann novel and a couple collections of plays. I was glad we were parked close as I carried out my treasurers. Soon we were headed towards more adventures in Little Falls. Stay tuned!

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