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Additional Adventures in Little Falls

Steven and I drove over the bridge to Canal Place, continuing our Little Falls adventures last Saturday.

Our first stop was the Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts where the Annual Regional Fine Arts Exhibition was on display. The Telegram had printed a picture of one painting that had won a prize, and I wanted to see the original. It was a painting of a lady at some sort of party and she looked as if she was about to say something interesting. I was so impressed that the artist had put such expression in the face. There were other works of art on display that were lovely or striking or just plain cool.

We chatted up the lady that was working there. Steven mentioned a gorgeous frog the center had been selling raffle tickets for during the Garlic Festival. Alas, he had not won. The lady showed us some paintings that were currently being raffled. We took a flier and may take a chance on one of them.

After the Arts Center it was just across the street to Chicks Along the Canal. This was an outdoor market billing itself as “Cheeky Chic Chicks and Savvy Woman Entrepreneurs.” We strolled through the booths, admiring various wares. We only purchased some mix for a horseradish dip, but we picked up several business cards for future reference.

A band was playing, and Steven heard a song he particularly likes. We moved closer to listen and ended up sitting down and enjoying the performance for the rest of the time they were on. We found out the band was Common Thread. Although many in the crowd (me included) called for an encore, the lead singer said they must make way for other bands. I know good ones were scheduled all day.

I was getting a little overheated as the day warmed up, so we walked into the shops to enjoy the air conditioning and look at antiques. We purchased some post cards of Little Falls, so be sent to some soldiers I know. We left for home, having had a wonderful day in Little Falls.

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