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An Anniversary Snack

Anybody who has been looking forward to Lame Post Friday (I was) is about to be disappointed. You see, I’m working Saturday, thus depriving Friday of all meaning. This week, Friday is dead to me.

However, the following post is not, I think, without lame qualities. It is one of my silly pseudo cooking posts, but I have tried to add a bit of Mohawk Valley flavor. Kind of sort of.

I had pledged to make a “snacky thing” to share with Steven on his dinner break, to celebrate our anniversary. I decided to make roll ups.

I started by spreading Garlic and Herb Spread on flat bread. I had purchased the spread, made by Adirondack Cheese Company of Barneveld, at Tripple’s Produce in Schuyler (see, Mohawk Valley). Then I put roast beef and black forest turkey ham (some people find turkey ham a contradiction in terms, but I really don’t mind it) on it, which I dotted with more spread to be like glue. I topped that wtih slices of Sorrento Provalone Cheese. Sorrento Cheese, I recently discovered, is made in Buffalo, NY. Not quite the Mohawk Valley, but still in the state. Then I rolled it up, wrapped it in tin foil and put it in the refrigerator to chill.

I made a second one with the same meat and cheese, but I had used up the last of the cheese spread. Instead, I used guacamole, made by me in my own personal Mohawk Valley kitchen. I also chilled some black olives, to be our vegetable.

I set out a couple of champagne flutes and put a bottle of seltzer with lime in an ice bucket. I figured at least it was bubbly, and it actually tasted pretty good.

When Steven got home, I sliced the roll ups. He had gotten out early for his break, so I did not have time to tastefully arrange them on a fancy plate. We ate them off the cutting board, toasted each other with the seltzer, and enjoyed Steven’s break. After 21 years, it wasn’t bad.

We intend to have a real dinner out one night soon, taking advantage of one of the great Mohawk Valley restaurants. That’ll be a post for another day.

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  1. I make a chipped beef ball for my easy but loved “go to” snack and my son always asks me to make two for the holidays. You start with one bar of cream cheese, a container of Philadelphia Cream Cheese spread with garlic and chives, you put both in microwave for a short amount of time to “soften.” Mix together. Set aside and chop up two packs of Budding chipped roast beef. Take one finely chopped pile and mix in to cream cheese, then lay a piece of saran or plastic wrap down, spread the rest of chipped beef over it. Plop a rounded shape of the combination into center of the plastic. I use the plastic to gather and roll it and make into a ball, wrap and put in fridge to solidify. Enjoy! Smiles, Robin

    • That sounds yummy. I never do anything with chipped beef, although a cousin of mine used to make an awesome dip with sour cream, mayonnaise, dill… and I don’t quite remember if there were other ingredients besides the chipped beef. She usually put it in a dark bread bowl. I’ll have to ask her why she stopped making it. And I’ll probably try yours soon. Thanks!


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