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Halloween Fun at Home

Saturday all I really wanted to do was stay home and watch Halloween movies. I can give the post a Mohawk Valley connection by telling you that I popped a big bowl of popcorn which I had purchased at Dyn’s Cider Mill in Richfield Springs. It was their own popcorn. I put lots of salt and butter on it.

We watched two DVDs Steven had given me for our anniversary. The first was The Watcher in the Woods, a 1981 Disney movie with Bette Davis. Neither of us had seen the movie before, but we heard it was scary and we love Bette Davis.

It is definitely a Disney movie. Not gory, no sex, no swearing. Sometimes I like that in a movie. It actually was pretty scary. A family with two daughters moves into this grand old English mansion of which Bette Davis is the landlady. She, of course, is eccentric and a little unsettling. Strange things begin to happen almost immediately. The older girl gets visions. Unseen beings whisper to the younger girl. And it all has to do with a very mysterious happening from the past.

I suppose I’m being very non-specific in my plot summary. I do that on purpose, because the less I know about a movie before I see it, the better I like it. All I knew about this movie was Bette Davis and scary. I enjoyed it very much.

Our second movie was Dracula with Bela Lugosi from 1931. I had seen this movie once, years ago. I love old horror movies. While we watched, Steven entertained me with accounts of his experiences working on a college production of the play Dracula. Hmmm. That might be something to suggest to Ilion Little Theatre.

I greatly enjoyed my movie watching evening. I know, outside in the Mohawk Valley, corn mazes and haunted hayrides awaited my blogging pen. But sometimes a girl just has to stay home.


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