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Another Elks Breakfast

Steven and I returned to the Elks Lodge on Mary Street, Herkimer, NY, for the Sunday breakfast sponsored by the Lady Elks.

I mentioned when I blogged about this last week that the Lady Elks hold these breakfasts on Sundays for the month of January to sponsor projects throughout the year. I thought at first I did not need to blog about it twice. Then I thought, hell, I ate there twice, I can blog twice. Why not give another shout out to the Lady Elks?

We were a little later this week than last, having luxuriously (or lazily, depending on your point of view) slept in till after eight. We found a parking space with no problem, however. The ladies taking money remembered us from last week. It’s always nice to be a regular.

This week I tried sausage instead of bacon. Again I had scrambled eggs, whole wheat toast, baked beans and potatoes with onions. Steven had the same as last week: what I had, but bacon instead of sausage, eggs over medium instead of scrambled, and add pancakes. If we go again next week, I’ll go back to bacon and maybe add pancakes myself.

We sat at a table with our numbers (they give you a slip of paper with your number on it, and somebody comes out with a plate and yells the number) and said yes, please, to coffee and juice (orange for Steven, tomato for me). Steven’s food came right out. Then every number surrounding mine BUT mine was called. I was hungry! I was also in the kind of mood, it struck me as funny. I started laughing at each number called. At last my breakfast arrived. Yay!

We saw the same folks we saw last week that we knew (so we were not the only ones to return). We chatted with a member of Ilion Little Theatre about spring productions (preview of coming attractions).

It was another delicious breakfast, and we left feeling full and happy that we had supported a worthy cause. I think Steven works later this Sunday, so we may return yet again. Another blog post? We’ll see.

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