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Breakfast Before Bear

I don’t know, do you like that title? I was in the mood for some alliteration but now I am questioning myself. I believe I mentioned that I have a bear of a week in front of me. That is an imperfect metaphor but one I have always liked. In general I feel my week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday, a view that I know is shared by many (I’ve even had calendars that reflected it). However, I have a marathon rehearsal today for the play I am in, which opens on Friday. So I feel my week is beginning today.

To start the week right, Steven and I went to breakfast at the Herkimer Elks Club. I know I have mentioned that the Lady Elks put on a breakfast on Sundays in January to fund their projects for the upcoming year. It’s the bomb. We watch for it every year and attend if at all possible. This year it has been possible three times. Score!

We got there the earliest we’ve been yet, shortly after 8:30 a.m. There was no problem finding a parking space or a place to sit. We both enjoyed eggs over medium, wheat toast, homefries with onions, coffee and juice. Additionally Steven had pancakes and bacon while I had baked beans and sausage. The cook even put a smiley face on Steven’s top pancake. As we left the breakfast several members of the Elks thanked us for coming. We thanked them for the delicious breakfast, saying we look forward to it every year.

“See you next January,” I said.

I confess I feel too preoccupied to write a better blog post today. I must study my lines and organize my costume. And nurse the butterflies I am beginning to get in my stomach. Everyone assures me I am doing a good job in this play, but how do I know they are not just being nice? Or hoping for a self-fulfilling prophecy? I bet a lot of you thought I was going to skip Wrist to Forehead Sunday. No such luck!


A Breakfast on Sunday Keeps Post-Christmas Letdown Away

I managed to keep my post-Christmas letdown away for one more day with the help the Herkimer, NY, Lady Elks. Every January they offer a breakfast on Sundays to help finance their projects for the year. Last year Steven had to work every Sunday. When we found he had today (Jan. 4) off, we were delighted.

The breakfast ran from 7 to 11 a.m. I actually found that out on the internet. Regular readers know I have a bit of a problem with technology. I usually have better luck going through the newspapers in our recycle bin to find out what I want to know. We left the house right around nine. The Herkimer Elks Club is on Mary Street, close to where we live. We found a parking spot in the parking lot, which I thought was lucky. After all, these breakfasts are quite popular.

A gentleman was out putting ice-melt on the sidewalk. He came over and offered me his arm for walking through the parking lot. Of course I had not worn anything sensible like my army boots. What do you want from me? It was a meal out; I wanted to wear a nice skirt and pantyhose.

Breakfast was $9. We also spent $5 on the 50/50 raffle and put a tip in the tip jar. There was no need to wait till after breakfast to do this, because I knew I would get great service. Steven and I both got eggs over medium, wheat toast, bacon, and homefries with onions. I got baked beans while Steven got pancakes, although we both could have gotten both. As soon as we sat down we were offered coffee and juice.

Our food came right away and was delicious. We saw a few people we knew and said hello. It was altogether a very enjoyable experience. Breakfasts will also be held Jan. 11, 18 and 25. I hope Steven has another Sunday off on one of those dates. Perhaps he would not mind if I found another date.

Getting Crazy at Otto’s

I could not believe that as many times as our friend Tracy has visited, we had not taken her to Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner. Before she left us two Sundays ago, I remedied the omission.

We tried to get there earlier-ish, because Crazy Otto’s does a booming business. We had to wait for a table to get cleared, but it did not take long. Two other people asked us if we’d been helped while the young man cleaned it off. Did I mention the service there is excellent?

Soon we were sitting perusing menus and admiring the decor. Of course I’ve seen it many times, but it’s always fun to look again. Tracy was especially impressed with all the license plates. I showed her ours from Georgia, that we had given them some time ago. I like being part of the display.

I pointed out the Crazy Elvis on the menu, since Tracy loves Elvis and it is one of my personal favorites — peanut butter and banana on French toast. She decided to order that. After much debate, I chose biscuits and gravy. It was bacon gravy instead of the usual sausage. Quite tasty. Tracy enjoyed her breakfast too.

I was happy to see my friend so well-fueled for her drive home. I think it was a good finish for her Mohawk Valley Weekend.

Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner is located on Albany Street in Herkimer, NY. For more information call 314-866-8801 or visit their website at

Fuel for Adventures

Saturday morning my friend Tracy and I decided to have breakfast out, in order to sustain ourselves for the Mohawk Valley adventures we had planned. I had to return a book to the Frankfort Free Library, so I suggested the Knight Spot.

The Knight Spot is one of my favorite breakfast locations, although they are also notable for lunch, dinner and most especially ice cream. I told Tracy how Steven and I love to come in mid-afternoon for coffee and a sundae. Perhaps on a future visit Tracy can enjoy that treat.

The idea of ice cream for breakfast was tempting, but I opted for my favorite of a breakfast sandwich on a hard roll. I had bacon this time (I alternate amongst bacon, sausage and just cheese). Tracy got a yummy looking omelet with peppers, onions and mushrooms. I entertained Tracy while we ate by reading ice cream flavors off the wall.

As usual the service was excellent and the food was delicious. It’s really nice to have a weekend guest and take advantage of some of the fine Mohawk Valley restaurants, which I seldom do any more. On the other hand, after dinner and two breakfasts out, I put on three pounds (on top of the five I am STILL trying to lose) (or was it ten? oh dear). I think some running commentary may be in my future.

The Knight Spot is located at 264 E. Main St., Frankfort, NY. Phone number is 315-894-4054. Their website is You can also Like them on Facebook. I did.

Big Smiles and Full Stomachs

One thing Steven and I had been especially looking forward to on our weekend off together was going out to breakfast. We used to have breakfast out together all the time, but when our work schedules changed, it became a thing of the past. We set out Saturday morning with big smiles and empty stomachs.

We went to Liz’s Diner on Main Street in Mohawk, the previous home of the Mohawk Diner. Donna and Liz greeted us as we walked in the door. We remarked on how happy we were to be there.

Donna brought us coffee. We admired the chicken-themed decor as we perused the menu on the wall. They offered some tempting specials, but I just wanted scrambled eggs and toast. Steven got eggs over medium with bacon and toast. However, it was toast from Heidelberg bread. Yum! I got Italian while Steven had peasant.

As we ate, we were amused by the interactions of Liz, Donna and the regulars sitting at the counter. Two men with long beards were especially amusing. After they left, Donna told us she called them ZZ Top. I thought that was very appropriate. I like ZZ Top.

We liked our breakfast, too. It was a great start to our weekend. Liz’s is open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., serving breakfast and lunch. I noticed the lunch menu on the wall. Some of the selections looked pretty tasty. I may have to go back, even if I can’t bring Steven.

Love those Lady Elks

Last week I lamented missing the Lady Elks breakfast, which they serve on Sundays in January. This week I got myself a breakfast date, and we had a nice meal.

Breakfast was served from 8 to 11 a.m. My friend, Diane, and I arrived shortly after nine. We found a parking space in the lot of the Elks Lodge on Mary Street in Herkimer, NY, and walked in.

We paid our $8. I apologized for giving them a fifty.

“I told that maid I wanted small bills, but you can’t get good help these days,” I said. It is a joke I usually make when I pay with a large bill. I also got $5 worth of 50/50 tickets, which I took to the table to fill out. First we made our orders: eggs, toast (white or wheat), bacon (could have chosen sausage), homefries with onions. I also got baked beans. We both declined pancakes.

A gentleman poured us coffee right away. Soon a lady came around with a tray of cups of juice. We both chose orange.

“Everybody’s taking orange today,” she said.

“Oh, I’ll take tomato,” Diane said. “I don’t want you to end up with a lot of tomato juice left over.”

“They can use it to make Bloody Marys later,” I suggested, adding that I usually take the tomato, but it seemed more of an orange kind of day. The lady said we could take one of each if we wanted, so we did.

“So now we’re friends?” she said. Of course we were.

I had already put money in the tip basket, knowing we would get good service. How right I was.

I put Steven’s name on the 50/50 tickets. I thought that was fair since he wasn’t getting a yummy breakfast.

“Then he can spend the money on me,” I said when I put the tickets in the jar, much to the amusement of the ladies at the table. Alas, he did not win.

There is one more Lady Elks breakfast, on January 26. I probably won’t make it, but I was happy to at least make it to one.

Now I’m Hungry

One thing that has helped ease my post-Christmas letdown since I moved back here is that the Herkimer Lady Elks serve breakfast on Sundays in January.

They serve from 8 to 11 a.m. at the Elks Lodge at 124 Mary St. in Herkimer, NY. Cost is $8, $4 for children under 12. The menu includes eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, home fries, baked beans, toast, and coffee or tea. Yum.

I love these community meals. It’s always good food and a good time. The servers usually make silly jokes with the patrons and each other. You often see people you know. You can buy a 50/50 ticket, so there is also a chance to make a profit. It’s relaxed; it’s fun.

And this year, Steven is scheduled to work every Sunday this month. I can’t go to a Lady Elks breakfast without my main squeeze! At least, perhaps I can, but I would certainly prefer not to.

However, the purpose of this post is not to bemoan my fate, but to give a shout-out to the Lady Elks. Local readers, you have two more chances to enjoy this event: January 19 and 26. I highly recommend it. If I can find another date, maybe I’ll see you there.

Breakfast with Rachel

I put Rachel’s name in the title, so she can pretend she’s famous. At least, perhaps she is famous in certain circles, but I don’t think my blog will increase her fame. I’m afraid my blog is a little rinky-dink compared to some. Still, I like it.

Where was I? Ah yes, forgoing Wrist to Forehead Sunday for once (I hope) to write a little about my breakfast with my friend, and to give another shout-out to Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner.

When Rachel told me she would be passing close enough to Herkimer, NY to stop for a brief visit, she suggested we meet at one of those yummy places I write about. Since we would be meeting for a latish breakfast, I thought she would like Crazy Otto’s.

Obviously, lots of people like Crazy Otto’s. They didn’t have a booth free, so we sat at the counter. I pointed out the Georgia license plate Steven and I contributed to the decor. She was suitably impressed.

After hearing the specials we perused the menu. I picked something I had never noticed before, French toast with coconut flakes. Rachel wanted pancakes with eggs. This came with choice of meat. The waitress recommended sausage, which I must say looked pretty good. I may have to have another meal at Crazy Otto’s soon so I can try it.

It was really wonderful to sit and talk with a friend I had not seen in years. I only felt bad that it was just a meal and not the whole weekend. I guess anybody who knows me knows I could talk for three days at a stretch, but I would have let Rachel talk, too.

As I write this (I am composing at the keyboard, just to give you the proper mental image), I feel a bout of Wrist to Forehead coming on. Rachel read yesterday’s post, where I said I would write a post about our breakfast. She expressed (via Facebook comment) that she was looking forward to reading what we talked about. I commented back that now I felt the pressure to come up with something profound. Well, everything Rachel says is naturally profound, but this blog, not so much.

Never mind, we had a lovely breakfast, and I hope it is not another eight years till we see each other again. If you are meeting a friend you saw eight years ago, or one you just saw yesterday, or eating breakfast by yourself, I recommend Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner. Their website is You can also like them on Facebook.

Fun Breakfast

Last Sunday Steven had the day off, which is rare, and we had a lot of cleaning to do in our recently flooded basement, which these days is not the least bit rare. We still were not able to cook on our stove, and we needed sustenance before we began. I offered to cook scrambled eggs in the microwave, but Steven said, “Let’s go out.” Where to go?

I have often driven by the Family Fun Center, a bright purple and fuchsia Victorian-looking building (not that I know from architecture) on Main Street in Mohawk, NY, but never ventured in. I thought it was more a place that families went for parties or activities or, you know, fun. I knew they did a Friday Fish Fry, because a sign out front says so. A co-worker said they did a good breakfast, so after debating where to go on Sunday, we decided to check it out.

It’s often problematic to go out for breakfast on a Sunday, because this is probably the most popular day for breakfast out. I do hate fighting a crowd. I said if we could find a parking space, we could probably find a seat. As we walked in the back door (we tried the front, but a sign there said to use the back), a little girl immediately said, “Hi!”

“It is a fun center,” I said, after returning the greeting. We sat in a booth and looked around.

It is an old house with large rooms and an ornate ceiling that I admired. The dining room is brightly painted and decorated with retro and antique Coca-Cola memorabilia. I do enjoy a restaurant with cool things to look at. Adjoining the dining room is a room with a pool table and video games. I did not walk in and check out what all they had, but it looked like a fun center to me.

I ordered an egg sandwich on a roll with bacon, egg and cheese. Steven got eggs over medium with bacon, toast and some very yummy potatoes (I tried them). We had a strenuous day of basement cleaning ahead of us, but we felt we had fueled up for the endeavor.

Breakfast Before Adventures

Saturday Steven and I had the opportunity to have breakfast out together. Since we intended to go to Ilion anyways, I suggested Farmhouse.

Farmhouse Restaurant is located in a very small building on Central Avenue, right next to the fire station. For the longest time we would drive by it and say, “How in the world do they fit a restaurant in that little building?”

It turns out to be a little crowded but a very good place to eat. The atmosphere is homey and the decor is fun. Vintage tins and other decorations are on a shelf that runs around the wall just under the ceiling. Old-fashioned wooden games sit on the window sill and some of the tables. I especially admired a hand-embroidered tablecloth on one of the tables. The waitress told me the original owner had done it, as well as most of the other decor.

Steven ordered French toast with fried eggs and sausage, plus orange juice. I more conservatively went with fried eggs and sourdough toast (my favorite). Do I need to say we both got coffee?

While we waited for our food, I picked up the wooden game on the table. It was a triangle with golf tees stuck in holes. The object was to jump one tee over another till you eliminated all but one tee. I used to have a plastic version of it when I was little. I seemed to remember getting very good at it. Not so much on Saturday. Then when I thought about it, I figured I probably did not get very good at it but played it enough that once in a while I somehow got down to one or two pegs. Steven didn’t do a whole lot better when he tried, so no bragging rights for either of us.

I felt really stupid when I bumped the table with my knee and spilled some of Steven’s orange juice. We mopped it up with napkins till the waitress brought a cloth. A little later a lady at another table called to the waitress asking for her orange juice.

“She’s afraid I’ll spill it,” I said.

“I can spill my own orange juice,” the lady assured me.

One table had a number of books on it. I asked if they were for sale. It was actually an exchange. I could take one and bring it back and/or bring others I was done with. In fact, I have a few paperbacks I don’t intend to read or don’t intend to read again. I picked up a murder mystery and got interested in it. You know me and books.

We enjoyed our breakfast very much. We happily set out for further Mohawk Valley adventures. Farmhouse Restaurant is located at 9 Central Ave, Ilion, NY. Phone number is 315-894-3276.