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Just Type in Some Foolishness and Hit Publish

I suppose the operative thing to have done today was to have written a blog post about one of the things I mentioned this morning.  Or I could have done a Running Commentary about this morning’s run (it was awesome, by the way).  But here I sit, looking at television and strongly inclined to just type in some foolishness and hit Publish.

Right now Forensic Files is on, but before that we were watching the divine Joan Crawford in Straitjacket.

Don’t lie; we’ve all been there.

During the movie we debated and debated what movie to watch next.  We still have not decided, hence our viewing of Forensic Files.  I was hoping to find the cheesier Deadly Women on ID, but no luck.  Not even a Snapped on Oxygen.  Some Saturdays are bad that way.

I must admit, it is quite relaxing to sit on my couch, wondering how best to veg out.  The last couple of weeks we have been moving and shaking. Even last night we were out and about (as I believe I mentioned).  It is fun to be out and about, but you can get too much of a good thing.

Just to make this a Scattered Saturday post, I will quickly cover today’s accomplishments, although they are a little thin.  My run was long and felt good.  Then I wrote some post cards and we left the house by the front door.  Regular readers will recall that our back door was ailing.  We went to breakfast at Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner then to Collis Hardware to get some screws for the door.

Back home, we fixed the door.  Woohoo, I think it was a success!  Then I had a headache so laid down with my heat-up face mask and took a nap.  On rising, I got on the laptop and typed in what I had written on my murder mystery script.  Later I thought how to finish up and made a few notes about it.  I anticipate finishing and polishing tomorrow.

And that was about it.  Eventually we got to the movie watching portion of the evening, and that is where we are at now.  If only we could agree on which movie to watch next.



Just a Few Shout-Outs

So yesterday I thought I was coming down with something and today I am pretty sure I am.  It would not be such a big deal if I could keep from being such a colossal baby about these things.  Or if I could just quietly take a day off from posting.  But, as they say, I gotta be me.  However, instead of whining for 200 or so words about how crappy I feel, how about I give a brief overview of Steven’s and my Monday morning adventures.

We began by fueling up at Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner in Herkimer, NY.  Then we headed for the big city of Utica.  I drove, as I had slightly more of an idea where we were headed.  That is, I had been there.  I had not driven there.  However, after a wrong direction and only one turn around, we got to the So Sweet Candy Cafe on the corner of Columbia and Varick streets. Yay!

After that we had wanted to check out Adirondack Distillery, which is handily located right across the street.  The message on their answering machine said they were open Monday through Friday.  This Monday, they were not.  Rats!  We walked down Varick Street, just because we were there, then back to the car and headed on.  The Other Side Gallery was also closed.  I had not even checked their Facebook page, so I suppose that served me right.

We found Off-Center Records & Collectibles with very little problem.  A parking spot presented a little more problem, but we got one not too far away.  After a fun interlude there, we checked out New York Connection, which I had never heard of but noticed a couple of doors down.  Those are both stores I mean to write more about.

On our way home, we stopped at Juliani’s Produce and Greenhouse in Schuyler.  I got and immediately ate a chocolate half-moon cookie.  We also got fixings for a salad, which I later made (I believe I mentioned it in yesterday’s post).

We enjoyed our little jaunt very much, although I was ready to get home and relax.  I am ready to relax now.  I guess it is Tired Tuesday after all.


A Marginally Improved Woman?

You know, Scattered Saturday is kind of a relief.  All I have to do is briefly recount what I have been doing all day.  That seems to be all I am up to today.  Oh, don’t sit there and tell me I’m whining; if you don’t like it then just don’t read it!  Sheesh!

Opening night of Lunch Hour at Ilion Little Theatre was wonderful.  The actors were great, the audience was pleased.  A few of us had a very enjoyable time going out for drinks afterwards.  We got to bed after midnight, which is quite rare for me, then slept in till after seven, also unusual.  Please note:  I had one glass of cabernet sauvignon.  Oh, and a sip of a friend’s bourbon, because I couldn’t remember what bourbon tastes like.

This morning Steven and I had a yummy breakfast at Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner in Herkimer, NY.  A bacon, avocado and cheese omelet for me; French toast, fried eggs and bacon for Steven.  Mine came with home fries and sourdough toast.  I shared the toast with Steven.

After food we went across the street to Collis Hardware and bought some heavy duty cleaning supplies:  rubber gloves, a tough broom, an industrial mop and a bucket with a wringer attached.  We had a rather nasty basement to clean.  That was our main accomplishment for the day.

I felt pretty crappy after spending some time in the basement rather ineffectually scrubbing (really, I did my best).  Our basement is as damp as any.  I’m sure there is mold and mildew.  My sinuses did not thank me.  When mopping was the last thing to do,  Steven heroically volunteered to do that while I went upstairs and laid down.

I slept for almost three hours.  Considering I have been getting to bed late and getting up at 3:30 every morning this week, I daresay I needed it.  I was not exactly a new woman when I got up, but I felt at least marginally improved.

Earlier in the week, Steven had noticed a Chinese auction at Mohawk Antiques mall to benefit the veterans.  We LOVE Chinese auctions, and who wouldn’t want to benefit the veterans?  I had not realized it was for Sitrin’s Rehabilitation, a most excellent program which I wholeheartedly support.  We put in for many prizes, and I noticed nobody had donated an afghan.

“I should have donated an afghan,” I said.  “Had I but known!”

“We put this together in three weeks,” a lady said.  “You wouldn’t have had time to make an afghan.”

I told her I try to always keep a few around, for just such a purpose.  I gave them my name and number, so they can contact me if they do this again.

After browsing the antiques while we were there, I started to feel a little ill and tired, so we went home.  I did no feel like cooking anything, so Steven nicely dialed up dinner, ordering a delicious roast beef sub from Carney’s Corners.

And that brings us up to the present time.  I have another show of Lunch Hour tonight.  If I catch a second wind and others are into it, I may go out again.  Surely one more glass of cabernet sauvignon wouldn’t hurt.


A Good Start for Morning Adventures

In lieu of my usual Wrist to Forehead Sunday, I offer a brief shout-out to a local business.  I don’t think this business particularly needs a shout-out, because any time we are in there the place is hopping.  However, I do like to tout good local things, so here is my post about Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner in Herkimer, NY.


Yesterday (Saturday) Steven did not go to work till 2:30 p.m.   Since it was my day off, I suggested we have a couple of Mohawk Valley adventures in the morning, starting with breakfast out.  After some debate over where to eat, we settled on Crazy Otto’s.  The advantages were that it was close and that we have a card that gives us 20 percent off (we got the card by signing up for E-Z Pay with the newspaper; it is good for a year and gives us the discount at several local eateries).


Crazy Otto’s is one of those old-fashioned trailer diners.  It is decorated with movie posters, license plates, memorabilia and more.  Our license plate from when we lived in Georgia is on the ceiling on the right-hand side.  We could not see it from where we sat on Saturday, but I’m sure it’s still there.


We got a booth without too much trouble, ordered coffee and perused the menu.  I got two sausages on a hoagie roll, which came with either hash browns or homemade chips.  I LOVE their homemade chips.  Steven got pancakes with poached eggs and bacon.  Our food was delicious.  My roll was grilled, so the inside was crispy but the outside was soft, just the way I like it.  The wait staff made sure our coffee stayed filled, which is a big selling point for Steven.


As usual, it was an enjoyable, tasty meal.  We like Crazy Otto’s for lunch and dinner too.  Crazy Otto’s is located at 100 W. Albany St., Herkimer, NY.  Phone number is 866-8801. For more information, visit their website at  You can also Like them on Facebook.


Saturday Adventures

I had an afternoon of Mohawk Valley adventures on Saturday with my sister Cheryl.

We drove to Little Falls for an an exhibit opening at Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts. I always feel artsy when I say I’m going to an exhibit opening.  We had parked at the Shops at 25 West, since we also intended to visit there and at the Little Falls Antique Center.

I’ll write more about the exhibit in a later post.  For now I’ll just say. these openings are very popular. At times the crowd made it difficult to really appreciate the art.  We enjoyed what we did see, then looked at The Selective Eye gift shop which Cheryl had not seen before. We spotted a couple of good Christmas presents, but I mustn’t say what in case… that person happens to read this post. I even saw a few things Steven might like to purchase for me.

I plan to return to MVCA when I can take my time and enjoy the exhibit. It’s all very well to feel artsy, but I also like to look at the art.

Next we walked across the street to Little Falls Antique Center at Stone Mill.  We spent some time browsing there at at The Shops at 25 West.  Cheryl was particularly interested in looking at old lanterns. We saw a few but not exactly what she had in mind. I took a particular interest in looking out the windows at the canal. A lot of the winders there have beautiful wide window sills.

“If I had windows like that in my house,” I said, “I”d put cushions on them and sit there with a book.” I suppose I’ll have to move into a converted factory if I want to implement that interior design inspiration.

I was also interested in some of the items available from the Alpaca place. Cheryl knows where they are located. Perhaps we can make a trip there one day soon, for future blogging purposes.

After we left Little Falls we were feeling peckish so we stopped at Crazy Otto’s Empire diner in Herkimer. Cheryl had never eaten there before, so I was happy to introduce her to one of Steven’s a my favorite spots. When she ordered her grilled cheese sandwich the waiter asked if she wanted fries.

“It comes with the best homemade chips,” I told her. She agreed they were good, and she nicely shared them with me. I had conservatively ordered an English muffin, in case my stomach was still bothering me (I know2, the chips were probably not the best thing on a bad stomach; let’s see YOU resist Crazy Otto’s homemade chips!).

We had a really fun afternoon.  It’s always fun to go adventuring with a sister.


Breakfast Before Adventures

Steven and I began our adventure-filled day last Friday with breakfast at Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner in Herkimer. I mentioned that in passing the other day, but today I’d like to give them a proper shout-out. Of course I’ve written about Crazy Otto’s before. It is something of a landmark in Herkimer and one of our favorite spots. We rarely get to go out to breakfast together, so we were happy to take the opportunity last Friday.

For anyone who missed my previous posts about Crazy Otto’s or for anybody who has forgotten, the diner is an authentic 1950s trailer. It’s been on the corner of West Albany and North Main streets for as long as we’ve lived in the area. In 2006 it was taken over by Scott and Kim Tranter, who changed the name from Empire Diner to Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner. You can read the history of Crazy Otto’s on the menu.

Steven and I got there around nine Friday morning. It wasn’t too crowded, being a weekday morning. We got a booth right away and as usual sat enjoying the retro decor. We especially like all the license plates hung on almost every available surface. We gave them our Georgia plate for the purpose. I think it’s still the only Georgia plate they have, but I couldn’t be sure. That’s a lot of plates to check.

After much debate I ordered an egg sandwich of bacon, egg and cheese on a kaiser roll, one of my favorite breakfasts. Steven chose a waffle with eggs and bacon. We discussed our upcoming adventure while we waited for our food. Everything was delicious, as usual.

As we were walking back to our car, a rap on the window called us back in. Our friends Phyllis and Jim were about to have breakfast. As you can see, Crazy Otto’s is patronized by many people of discriminating taste. We were tempted to sit down and have another breakfast, or at least some more coffee, but we had adventures to get on with. We chatted for a few minutes before continuing with our day.

Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner is located at 100 W. Albany St., Herkimer, NY. Phone number is 315-866-8801. For more information you can visit their website at You can also like their Facebook page. I did.

Getting Crazy at Otto’s

I could not believe that as many times as our friend Tracy has visited, we had not taken her to Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner. Before she left us two Sundays ago, I remedied the omission.

We tried to get there earlier-ish, because Crazy Otto’s does a booming business. We had to wait for a table to get cleared, but it did not take long. Two other people asked us if we’d been helped while the young man cleaned it off. Did I mention the service there is excellent?

Soon we were sitting perusing menus and admiring the decor. Of course I’ve seen it many times, but it’s always fun to look again. Tracy was especially impressed with all the license plates. I showed her ours from Georgia, that we had given them some time ago. I like being part of the display.

I pointed out the Crazy Elvis on the menu, since Tracy loves Elvis and it is one of my personal favorites — peanut butter and banana on French toast. She decided to order that. After much debate, I chose biscuits and gravy. It was bacon gravy instead of the usual sausage. Quite tasty. Tracy enjoyed her breakfast too.

I was happy to see my friend so well-fueled for her drive home. I think it was a good finish for her Mohawk Valley Weekend.

Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner is located on Albany Street in Herkimer, NY. For more information call 314-866-8801 or visit their website at

Breakfast with Rachel

I put Rachel’s name in the title, so she can pretend she’s famous. At least, perhaps she is famous in certain circles, but I don’t think my blog will increase her fame. I’m afraid my blog is a little rinky-dink compared to some. Still, I like it.

Where was I? Ah yes, forgoing Wrist to Forehead Sunday for once (I hope) to write a little about my breakfast with my friend, and to give another shout-out to Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner.

When Rachel told me she would be passing close enough to Herkimer, NY to stop for a brief visit, she suggested we meet at one of those yummy places I write about. Since we would be meeting for a latish breakfast, I thought she would like Crazy Otto’s.

Obviously, lots of people like Crazy Otto’s. They didn’t have a booth free, so we sat at the counter. I pointed out the Georgia license plate Steven and I contributed to the decor. She was suitably impressed.

After hearing the specials we perused the menu. I picked something I had never noticed before, French toast with coconut flakes. Rachel wanted pancakes with eggs. This came with choice of meat. The waitress recommended sausage, which I must say looked pretty good. I may have to have another meal at Crazy Otto’s soon so I can try it.

It was really wonderful to sit and talk with a friend I had not seen in years. I only felt bad that it was just a meal and not the whole weekend. I guess anybody who knows me knows I could talk for three days at a stretch, but I would have let Rachel talk, too.

As I write this (I am composing at the keyboard, just to give you the proper mental image), I feel a bout of Wrist to Forehead coming on. Rachel read yesterday’s post, where I said I would write a post about our breakfast. She expressed (via Facebook comment) that she was looking forward to reading what we talked about. I commented back that now I felt the pressure to come up with something profound. Well, everything Rachel says is naturally profound, but this blog, not so much.

Never mind, we had a lovely breakfast, and I hope it is not another eight years till we see each other again. If you are meeting a friend you saw eight years ago, or one you just saw yesterday, or eating breakfast by yourself, I recommend Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner. Their website is You can also like them on Facebook.

Help from the Belly Up

I realized I had neglected to write about a Mohawk Valley adventure Steven and I had the Saturday before last. We went to the Belly Up Pub in Herkimer, NY for their Summer Saturday, which on July 6 was also a fundraiser for victims of the recent flooding in the Mohawk Valley.

We went to a previous Summer Saturday and enjoyed it very much (perhaps you read my blog post about it). We may not have attended another that Saturday, what with our own flooded basement blues, but we felt we should support the cause. Also, blues notwithstanding (or maybe because of the blues), I thought it would benefit me to get out of the house for the evening.

We stopped for dinner first at Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner, handily located just a few doors down. After filling up on burgers and homemade chips (or is that a misnomer: homemade in a restaurant?) we repaired to the Belly Up.

It was early enough to easily find a table inside (tall bar tables such as I love). We figured we could go outside for dancing later if we decided to. For the moment, the air conditioning felt good.

It continued to feel good, and we ended up not going outside at all. DJ Big Poppa was spinning tunes. We enjoyed his selections. Our friends Phyllis and Jim joined us, and we had a fine time visiting and making silly jokes (two of my favorite pastimes). At one point we saw somebody setting up a camera.

“And me having a bad hair day,” I lamented. This, of course, was another silly joke. I have only one kind of hair day since my St. Baldrick’s Day adventure in June. It’s actually now about a half inch long (haven’t measured). I think it looks cute, although I may be flattering myself.

I didn’t pay too much attention to the camera after that, but I guess they did interview somebody. A fellow I work with saw it on the news and said Phyllis and I were in the background. I knew there was a reason I should watch my local news on Sunday.

We later learned the evening raised over $1,800, to be donated to the United Way CNY Flood Recovery Fund. This is especially good news, as it seems FEMA is not going to come through with help for individuals. In light of that, I’m wondering if we will see fundraisers in other venues. Way to set the example, Belly Up Pub!

The Meal Before the Storm

I believe I mentioned that the reason I did not make my blog post prior to Wednesday’s storm was that we went to dinner at Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner in Herkimer, NY. Today I thought I’d give a shout out to that fine establishment.

Steven and I are well known fans of Crazy Otto’s. In fact, the cast of Dirty Work at the Crossroads, the play Steven recently directed at Ilion Little Theatre, had given him a gift certificate as a closing night present. For anyone saying, “Waaait a minute,” yes, I was in that cast, yes, I chipped in for the certificate, and yes, I benefited from it. These things happen sometimes in community theatre.

For anybody who missed my numerous previous posts about Crazy Otto’s, it is an authentic old diner in an authentic old trailer. As Empire Diner it has been around for years. Crazy Otto took it over and added his name fairly recently. You can read all about the history of Crazy Otto’s and the Diner Wizard on their menu or their website,

They’ve restored the trailer without losing any of the old-time diner atmosphere. The decor makes for a lot of interest while you’re dining. The walls and ceilings are covered with movie posters, old-time advertisements, movie star pictures and license plates from around the country. As usual we located our Georgia plate, which we gave them a couple of years ago (how the time flies). The tables were new since we’d last been there, bright red with advertisements of local businesses.

Steven ordered a club sandwich with french fries while I got a grilled chicken on sourdough with chips. I had forgotten they were homemade chips. Yummy! It was a delicious meal.

I looked over a card with fancy desserts pictured, but we really had not saved room. I suggested we return at a later date, perhaps midway through an afternoon, for just desserts (that’s one of my favorite expressions).

It poured rain while we were eating, but seemed to have stopped by the time we left. Who knew that it was merely the prelude to the big storm which my two previous posts were about. Steven later found out via Facebook that Crazy Otto’s was without power for a while. He commented that we had eaten just in time.

Crazy Otto’s is located at 100 W. Albany St., Herkimer, NY. Phone number 315-866-8801. You can also like them on Facebook.