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Remembering Their Sacrifices

In honor of Memorial Day, I offer a few pictures of memorials in Herkimer, NY.

As it says, freedom is not free.

In past Memorial Days, I have run up the hill to Herkimer College to this little area.  It is located right outside Wehrun Stadium.

Then I backed up and took a shot of the rock and tree.

A view of the park from the road.

I like that they list the names.

Another view, to give as idea of the size.

I appreciate seeing all the names.  Each soldier has a story of why he was there, of loved ones left behind, and of all the years unlived.  To me, it is all about people.

One more shot as I left.

As I was driving through town to the other memorial I knew of, I saw one I had never noticed before.  At least,  I remember seeing all the flags, but had not really thought about why they were there.  I quickly found a parking spot and went for a closer look.

Right on Mohawk Street, a nice little spot.

And a little closer view.

And here is the stone.

I sat on the bench and took one more picture.

Next I went to a memorial I drive by many days after work, as well as on days off when I am out adventuring (when I could go out adventuring).  It is where Herkimer meets Mohawk.  I pulled into Moves Ambulance Services.

Yes, we will remember.

A full view.

Other villages have memorial parks, too.  I must visit them for future blog posts.  In the meantime, to all our fallen soldiers and their loved ones, I offer a slow salute.



I Live to Give

As my computer woes continue, I am checking out the free wi-fi at McDonald’s (why there couldn’t be a sweet local coffee shop in Herkimer!  But I’ll deal with the chain fast-food behemoth, because needs must).  This really isn’t so bad.  The dining room is practically empty and I’m drinking coffee.  Anyways, I did not want to delay making this post.

Under the heading Christmas is for Giving, I went to Earthly Matters Crystals and Stones in Ilion, NY, today with a donation for the veterans.  Toni Joy, the proprietor, is collecting toiletry and non-perishable food items to make up baskets for the veterans.  I also brought some scarves I had lying around.  Regular readers may remember (if they think about me at all, a scant possibility, I admit) that I know how to knit and crochet very few items.  One of them is scarves, an excellent way to use up odds and ends of yarn.  Unfortunately, my family and friends can only use so many scarves, so the extras pile up.  I thought the veterans might like them.

Toni Joy was very happy with my donation.  The scarves may go to the veterans or to the children.  She was thinking of setting up a mitten tree for area children.  My donation of scarves helped her decide to definitely do it.  I said if anybody could use my scarves, yay!

I stuck around and shopped a little. I love looking at the stones, handmade jewelry and other items for sale.  I made one purchase, but I shan’t tell you what it is, because it MIGHT be a Christmas present for… somebody.  Somebody I like.  Oh dear, I’ve said too much.

So the reason I did not want to delay this post is that I want to encourage any local readers to get over to Earthly Matters with a donation for the veterans or the children.  I think Toni said she had some 60 baskets to make up.  That’s a lot of food and toiletry items!  I encourage everybody to donate to this or to the charity of his or her choice (I know there are a lot of them out there).  I LOVE the season of giving!

Earthly Matters is located at 58 Otsego St., Ilion, NY, phone number 315-717-2687.


A Marginally Improved Woman?

You know, Scattered Saturday is kind of a relief.  All I have to do is briefly recount what I have been doing all day.  That seems to be all I am up to today.  Oh, don’t sit there and tell me I’m whining; if you don’t like it then just don’t read it!  Sheesh!

Opening night of Lunch Hour at Ilion Little Theatre was wonderful.  The actors were great, the audience was pleased.  A few of us had a very enjoyable time going out for drinks afterwards.  We got to bed after midnight, which is quite rare for me, then slept in till after seven, also unusual.  Please note:  I had one glass of cabernet sauvignon.  Oh, and a sip of a friend’s bourbon, because I couldn’t remember what bourbon tastes like.

This morning Steven and I had a yummy breakfast at Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner in Herkimer, NY.  A bacon, avocado and cheese omelet for me; French toast, fried eggs and bacon for Steven.  Mine came with home fries and sourdough toast.  I shared the toast with Steven.

After food we went across the street to Collis Hardware and bought some heavy duty cleaning supplies:  rubber gloves, a tough broom, an industrial mop and a bucket with a wringer attached.  We had a rather nasty basement to clean.  That was our main accomplishment for the day.

I felt pretty crappy after spending some time in the basement rather ineffectually scrubbing (really, I did my best).  Our basement is as damp as any.  I’m sure there is mold and mildew.  My sinuses did not thank me.  When mopping was the last thing to do,  Steven heroically volunteered to do that while I went upstairs and laid down.

I slept for almost three hours.  Considering I have been getting to bed late and getting up at 3:30 every morning this week, I daresay I needed it.  I was not exactly a new woman when I got up, but I felt at least marginally improved.

Earlier in the week, Steven had noticed a Chinese auction at Mohawk Antiques mall to benefit the veterans.  We LOVE Chinese auctions, and who wouldn’t want to benefit the veterans?  I had not realized it was for Sitrin’s Rehabilitation, a most excellent program which I wholeheartedly support.  We put in for many prizes, and I noticed nobody had donated an afghan.

“I should have donated an afghan,” I said.  “Had I but known!”

“We put this together in three weeks,” a lady said.  “You wouldn’t have had time to make an afghan.”

I told her I try to always keep a few around, for just such a purpose.  I gave them my name and number, so they can contact me if they do this again.

After browsing the antiques while we were there, I started to feel a little ill and tired, so we went home.  I did no feel like cooking anything, so Steven nicely dialed up dinner, ordering a delicious roast beef sub from Carney’s Corners.

And that brings us up to the present time.  I have another show of Lunch Hour tonight.  If I catch a second wind and others are into it, I may go out again.  Surely one more glass of cabernet sauvignon wouldn’t hurt.


Post Show Run

Subtitle: Mohawk Valley Girl Learns to Like the Young Kids’ Music.

Last night was opening night of Harvey at Ilion Little Theatre (I may have mentioned that once or twice). I didn’t get to bed till almost midnight. Still, it was Saturday and I was determined to run.

I ate a banana with peanut butter shortly before my run, because I was quite hungry. Normally if I eat I like to wait at least an hour, but I seemed to remember reading somewhere that a small nutritious snack was a good thing before a run. No time to look up how long before a run the snack was supposed to be, so I just waited a short time and hoped for the best.

The temperature warm, but a nice breeze was blowing. Traffic was not severe. Things looked good. I decided to run up to Herkimer County Community College (HCCC) the back way. I’ll just mention that the only day I had run since Sunday was Thursday, when we did not have rehearsal. I ran a half hour, at varying distances from the ice cream truck, usually close enough to hear the music. When I wasn’t close enough the music played in my head. I was actually close enough to buy ice cream when I walked my cool down with Tabby, but providentially did not have any cash.

I was out at pre-ice cream truck time Saturday. I crossed German Street with no problem and headed up the hill. I looked as usual at the pretty little stream running downhill (as of course streams do). I thought that it really wasn’t a stream to run by. It looked like I ought to be sitting by it, maybe soaking my feet in the nice cold running water. My feet hurt all the time lately. Must make my way to the Sneaker Store in New Hartford for some new running shoes.

When I got up to the college I could hear music. What was that all about? As I continued up the road by the reservoir, the music got louder. Where was it coming from? Somebody in the dormitory partying hearty really early? Somebody’s car stereo out of control? I saw several cars in the gym parking lot. I saw a young man walking along. Was it his I-pod thingy? Do I-pods get that loud? I don’t know from I-pods, but I’m sure they don’t. It sounded more like a stereo system.

As I got closer to the athletic fields I could tell the music was coming from there. I’m not really a fan of a lot of the popular music these days. At least, I almost never listen to it, so I’m not familiar. I certainly don’t like the hip hop stuff, which I find tuneless. I think a lot of the more tuneful stuff is overproduced. The voices seem doctored and the instrumentals smoothed out, if you know what I mean. I guess it’s the ultimate expression of Phil Specter’s Wall of Sound. I’m not knowledgeable enough to express myself properly, so I don’t know if anybody knows what I mean. In any case, I sometimes think the 21st century is too in love with technology.

Of course, one of my favorite sayings is “To each his how, as the old lady said when she kissed the cow.” I felt sure that whoever was playing a sport up ahead was liking the music. I had to admit, it had a forward moving beat that was conducive to athletic effort. I found myself pounding along in the “I can rock this” stage of my run that I so enjoy.

I ran closer to the field and saw people playing lacrosse. The banks on the side of the field obstructed my view, so I kept running. I ran into the little veterans’ park. I must go there with a notebook and write down the different organizations that contributed to it. It is just a little area, a mere few steps around as I ran in and out. I wondered if somebody would say, “That is not a place to run in, have a little respect!” Well, I do have respect. And since I learned to run, and to love running, in the army, I think it is entirely appropriate to run through a veterans’ park.

A sign informed me that a lacrosse tournament was in progress. If I didn’t have show to rest up for, I might go watch some. I learned on the Sports Box that HCCC is quite the powerhouse in their conference. I must catch some games. The Sports Box, in case you didn’t know, is a show on WVHC, 91.5fm, the college radio station. I’m not into sports, but I love listening to those guys.

I continued around the sports building. The music was growing on me. Good running tunes! This is why people run with those ear phones! The only thing I would have liked better would have been if they played that tune my sister likes that starts, “Every day I’m shuffling.” It took me a long time to get out of earshot of the music, because it was really quite loud. By then I was headed downhill and life was sweet.

It was a great run. Toward the end I even lengthened my stride and went for that loping run I see the young kids doing. I didn’t do too bad. I think I may have finally reached the “I love running!” stage of my training. Boilermaker, here I come!