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Kitties, Pizza, Cheese: Is This Non-Sequitur Thursday?

I had a Mohawk Valley Adventure today! I have not had one of those on a weekday after work in a while. You see, I had a donation to bring to H.A.L.O. House in Little Falls, NY for their yard sale. And here’s a real pisser for you: I just went to their Facebook page and found out the sale has been postponed to the first weekend in June! Well, I still made the donation and I can still plug the sale. On with the post!

The trunk of my car.

I had books and VHS tapes to donate. Now that the sale has been postponed, perhaps I can find a few household items to add. I dropped what I had at H.A.L.O. House.

I like kitties, although I am allergic.

Since I was in Little Falls, I went to Canal Place to get some dinner from Mangia Macrina’s Wood-Fired Pizza. Yum!

It’s a decorative oven, I think.

The fellow behind the counter admired my shirt from Original Herkimer Cheese. I wonder if I can find a picture of it in my Media Library.

One of my favorite shirts!

As I left the pizzeria, I noticed some lovely flowers and just had to take a picture.

I want purple tulips and a magnolia tree!

I felt it was a productive afternoon. H.A.L.O.’s yard sale will be June 4 and 5 at 615 Albany Street, Little Falls, NY. Mangia Macrina’s Wood-Fired Pizza is at the Stone Mill, Canal Place, Little Falls, NY. Herkimer Original Cheese is located at 2745 Route 51, Ilion, NY. You can find all three of these on Facebook.

Phew! One adventure, three plugs, I call that OK for a weekday blog post. Happy Thursday, everyone!

Remember my Bald?

Does anybody remember when I was going to get my head shaved to raise funds for St. Baldrick’s Foundation?  Do you also remember that it was cancelled due to Covid?  Well, it was, back in March, and I did not worry too much about it till recently,  when hair establishments began re-opening.

I began feeling a little self-conscious about my increasingly unruly mop, especially when so many of my friends, family and co-workers had donated to a good cause, in addition to the entertainment of seeing me bald.  The money had gone to the cause all right, but there I was with my head of quarantine hair.

I was fortunate to get an appointment at my favorite establishments,  Hot Spot Salon and Spa in Herkimer, NY.  I took a Before picture, specifically for blogging purposes.

I am lousy at taking selfies.

One could argue that it is no sacrifice to get rid of such bad hair.  Additionally, with the hot summer weather coming, it will be a pleasure to be bald.  Well, never mind all that.  I said I was going to be bald, and I am a woman of my word.


I confess to a few moments of, “What was I thinking?”  But mostly I think it is funny.  And I do it to honor my beloved Aunt Carlyn, who lost her hair and her life to brain cancer.  St. Baldrick’s Foundation funds cancer research.  So I wear my pate proudly, and remind myself to use sunscreen on top now.


I Almost Forgot, I’m Gonna Be Bald!

Long time readers may remember that I have previously participated in St. Baldrick’s Day events.  That is, I got my head shaved to help raise funds for cancer research.  Thanks to the generosity of my family, friends and co-workers,  I raised enough money to not feel foolish in front of the other bald people.  Oh, I know, every little bit helps, and as long as I bring something, I have nothing to be ashamed of.  I still don’t want to look like I’m just cadging a cheap haircut.

Look how cute I’m going to look! Or do I flatter myself?

This is a picture of me after the last time I got my head shaved,  in 2016.  I think it looks better once it starts to grow back some, but bald is just so striking.

The problem I have is that I hate asking people to donate.  There are just so many people raising money for so many causes, most of them very worthy (I can’t bring myself to say they are ALL worthy, but I will not go so far as to name any I found less than worthy) (I’m sure it wasn’t yours) (oh dear,  I can get myself into trouble this way).

That was as far as I got last night, before my fatigue overtook me and I cravenly went to bed.  Now it is Wednesday morning, and I shall finish my Tuesday post with a link to my St. Baldrick’s Day Fundraising page.  You might like to take a look, if only to see the silly “before” picture I used.  If you would like to make a small donation to cancer research, I shall be extremely grateful.


Good-Buy to Books

This afternoon instead of having a Mohawk Valley adventure I could blog about, I spent some time routing around in the extremely messy room we call our library looking for books to donate.  As a result, in lieu of my expected (by me anyways) Wuss-out Wednesday post, I will give a brief plug to a community event I hope to go to on Saturday, a book sale hosted by the Herkimer County Historical Society.

The sale will also include history books from the society’s gift shop — I KNOW there are one or two of those I want but have not purchased yet — and post cards — regular readers may recall that I love to send people post cards.  The society has been on Facebook asking for donations.  Of course I love my books.  I like to own books and re-read many of them multiple times.  On the other hand, I have a lot of books.  I seek out book sales, used and new book stores, rummage sales, thrift stores, anywhere you can buy books. And sometimes people give me books they’ve finished with that they think I might like (or that they just want to get rid of).  I LOVE BOOKS, there, I’ve said it.

So I gathered a few books to donate.  Some thrillers, some romance novels, a couple of true crime stories… Steven will bring them to the society tomorrow, I think.  The sale will be Saturday, Aug. 4, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Eckler Building, 406 N. Main St., Herkimer, NY.

My only worry now is that I will return from the sale with more books than I donated.  These things happen.  In the meantime, I may try to do something about that extremely messy room, because, you know, removing those books to donate did not help much.


I Live to Give

As my computer woes continue, I am checking out the free wi-fi at McDonald’s (why there couldn’t be a sweet local coffee shop in Herkimer!  But I’ll deal with the chain fast-food behemoth, because needs must).  This really isn’t so bad.  The dining room is practically empty and I’m drinking coffee.  Anyways, I did not want to delay making this post.

Under the heading Christmas is for Giving, I went to Earthly Matters Crystals and Stones in Ilion, NY, today with a donation for the veterans.  Toni Joy, the proprietor, is collecting toiletry and non-perishable food items to make up baskets for the veterans.  I also brought some scarves I had lying around.  Regular readers may remember (if they think about me at all, a scant possibility, I admit) that I know how to knit and crochet very few items.  One of them is scarves, an excellent way to use up odds and ends of yarn.  Unfortunately, my family and friends can only use so many scarves, so the extras pile up.  I thought the veterans might like them.

Toni Joy was very happy with my donation.  The scarves may go to the veterans or to the children.  She was thinking of setting up a mitten tree for area children.  My donation of scarves helped her decide to definitely do it.  I said if anybody could use my scarves, yay!

I stuck around and shopped a little. I love looking at the stones, handmade jewelry and other items for sale.  I made one purchase, but I shan’t tell you what it is, because it MIGHT be a Christmas present for… somebody.  Somebody I like.  Oh dear, I’ve said too much.

So the reason I did not want to delay this post is that I want to encourage any local readers to get over to Earthly Matters with a donation for the veterans or the children.  I think Toni said she had some 60 baskets to make up.  That’s a lot of food and toiletry items!  I encourage everybody to donate to this or to the charity of his or her choice (I know there are a lot of them out there).  I LOVE the season of giving!

Earthly Matters is located at 58 Otsego St., Ilion, NY, phone number 315-717-2687.


One Week to Bald!

I had a couple of other things to write about today, but as I washed my hair this morning, I thought, “I won’t be doing this a week from tomorrow,” and then the above title occurred to me and, well…

So on Sunday, April 10, I go to Arthur’s in Dolgeville, NY, for a St. Baldrick’s Day Foundation event.  Yes, I am going to have my stupid head shaved (um, “stupid head” is how Steven and I generally refer to our melons, ever since the infamous day when Steven lamented, “I hit my stupid head!”).  I have been asking friends, family and co-workers to sponsor me with donations that will fund children’s cancer research.  They have responded with generosity and not a few jokes.

A few friends have even promised to come to Arthur’s on the day with me.   I’m thinking we will have some food, a few drinks, a lot of laughs, and possibly post a picture on Facebook.  I’ve been bald before.  Some people think I look kind of cute that way.

Of course with baldness looming ever closer, my hair has responded by looking pretty damn good lately.  A co-worker thought I should dye it purple while I still had it, so I picked up some stuff that adds streaks.  I really like the purple streaks.  What am I thinking, getting rid of this crowning glory (no, really, that is how some people refer to hair).

What I am mostly thinking is that my earrings will show up better.  You know how I love my earrings.  Oh, I know, I am supposed to be thinking about how it is such a good cause and how maybe one day we will find a cure for cancer and I can feel I was a small part of it.  Am I really that profound?  Not usually.

In any case, if anybody wants to donate to St. Baldrick’s Foundation, my website is  And any local readers who want to make their way to Arthur’s in Dolgeville on April 10 at 1 p.m., come on down!


Ah Yes, About the Bald

I have not given a bald update in a while.  Regular readers may remember that I have signed up to participate in a St. Baldrick’s Foundation fundraiser. That means I get my head shaved after asking my friends and family to donate money.

Money raised goes to fund children’s cancer research.  I do it to honor my Aunt Carlyn.  Of course, she was not a child when cancer took her from us, but I feel sure she would support the cause.  I chose St. Baldrick’s because, well, I wanted to be bald for a good reason.

Being me, I have to second guess my choices. Is this just another way to call attention to myself?  A good way to sleaze a free haircut? Well, it isn’t exactly free, because Steven and I donated on my fundraiser page too.  I suppose it is a way to get a haircut without having to decide how to cut it and with no point in worrying if it is not the most flattering (although at least one man said I was beautiful after I did it last time).

As I write this, I begin to feel feel that this second guessing is just more of those profitless questions I was writing about yesterday.  I decided to do this, and it is a goodthing to do. I will wear my bald head proudly, in solidarity with cancer patients everywhere.

If anybody would like to join me in my bald endeavor, they can visit the St. Baldrick’s website at If you are not local, you can type in your zip code andfind an event near you.  If you are local, please consider becoming bald with me on Sunday, April 10, at Arthur’s in Dolgeville, NY.  If you don’t care to be bald, you can still come to Arthur’s that day. They are donating a percentage of food and beverage sales that day to St. Baldrick’s.  If you would just like to make a donation, my participant page is


Bald Update

I believe I mentioned in a previous post that I have signed up for a St. Baldrick’s Day event in Richfield Springs, NY, on June 2. I’m going to let them shave my head, and I’m supposed to ask people to donate money to help fight children’s cancer.

And there, as they say, is the rub (actually,I think only Hamlet ever said that; the rest of us would probably say “there’s the problem” or “here’s the thing”) (but I digress). I HATE asking people for money! I am a terrible salesperson. I never won a prize for selling the most Girl Scout cookies (this was back in the day when people were not so nutsy-kookoo about Girl Scout cookies) (and when did Girl Scout cookies become such a big thing? That might rate another blog post) (again, I digress).

Wow, lots of digressions in only two paragraphs. It’s because I’m gearing up to post the link to my St. Baldrick’s Day donor website, to see if any of my lovely blog readers might like to make a contribution. Why in the world do I feel so self-conscious about this? I knew I was going to do it. People read my blog. People would like to cure cancer. Posting a way for people to donate is not that big a stretch. In fact, this is a great way to ask people to donate, because it is not face to face. If somebody doesn’t want to donate, they don’t even have to think of an excuse. What a great situation!

Which I will not encounter at work. I’ve been talking about how I am going to be bald and ask folks to donate, and many people have told me they would be glad to give me something. But I just hate the thought of going around with my little envelope and actually asking. I mentioned this to one co-worker. He had just bummed a ponytail holder from me, so it had come up in a conversation.

“I don’t mind getting my head shaved,” I said. “I just hate asking people for money.”

“Oh, I don’t mind asking people for money,” he replied. “I just don’t want to get my head shaved.”

I did not start out writing this post about my dithering over asking for donations. I was going to tell how I went to the website, because I knew there was a place where I could put something personal. I soon found “Message.” They had already put a generic one in: “I have answered the call to be a hero,” it started.

Good God, who would really say a thing like that? “I’m going to be a hero”? For heavens’ sake, it’s just a haircut! Well, you know computer un-savvy me. I had to click around for a while till I figured out how I could change that. Then I had to think of what to put. What I finally came up with at least sounded like something I would say. I may change it later (and probably write another blog post about it).

Be all that as it may, here is the website: 642777 is my donor number.

And, you know, now that I think about it, it’s Wrist to Forehead Sunday. Why should I not devote a post to dithering about something? I think once again, I may have backed into something appropriate.