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I Should Have Listened to Al

This morning on Today, Al Roker was doing some feature about taking a walk. I did not get to see it, because I had to get to work, but I thought, “What a great idea! I’ll go for a walk after work and make a Pedestrian Post!”

Alas, I did not.

However blog post must be made, meaning, as usual, mine by me. Additionally, it is Lame Post Friday, so the bar is not high for a respectable post. Perhaps I could share a few pictures of walks I have previously taken. It could be a Flingback Friday, to follow my Throwback Thursday. Is flingback a word? My autocorrect seems to think so.

A great view for a number of reasons.

When I went running on Wednesday, I ran by my beloved Herkimer Historic Four Corners. The above is a shot of the 1834 Jail. This is where Roxalana Druse spent what she said were the best two years of her life, waiting to be hung after murdering her husband. Regular readers may remember I played Druse in the play Roxy at Ilion Little Theatre in 2015.

Or I could have gone uphill.

This is upper Main Street in Herkimer, a hill I sometimes run up. I’m afraid not lately, but I am ever hopeful of improvement.

I personally am looking forward to snow free sidewalks.

I was over 200 words before this, but I like to use three pictures. I took the recently when I was walking home from work. Plowing through the snow burns more calories than prancing down bare sidewalks. However, you can have too much of a good thing.

Can I have too many blog posts? I hope not. Happy Friday, everyone!


Still Supporting Local

These days I am torn between the desire to stay home, stay safe and keep my germs to myself, and the desire to be out and about, get material for blog posts and support local businesses. Lately I have erred on the side of Support Local.  Isn’t that what one would expect of Mohawk Valley Girl?

Today I went to my beloved Herkimer County Historical Society on Main Street in Herkimer.  For one reason, when I was there before, I missed some post cards.  For another, I wanted to grab a couple more masks.  The masks were donated to the society specifically to be sold to raise funds.  And they have some lovely designs.

Post cards and masks; I’m all set!

Next I went to Renewed and Rescued further down Main Street.  They have expanded!  It’s awesome!  I must make a blog post telling more.

And there is plenty of room for even more merchandise!

I had come in specifically to look for clothes, but first I had to walk all around at the new space and stuff.  Finally I stopped browsing and found myself a dress, a pair of shoes, and a present for Steven (I did not go in looking for the last item, but what’s wrong with an impulse buy?).

Some of the clothes were on sale!

I counted my trip as successful, although I can’t help wondering if the blog post is up to par.  No matter.  We’ll just call it a Tired Tuesday and drive on.


Miracle Puppies in Meyers Park

How about if Sunday Stroll replaces Wrist to Forehead Sunday?  For one reason, exercise is a proven anti-depressant, as is spending time with loved ones.  After returning from a nice walk with my nice husband, I feel decidedly less down.

We had planned to go for a walk anyways, since it is a lovely day and Steven has the day off (yay!).  I decided to write a Pedestrian Post.  After all, waste not, want not.

It was cold in our house this morning, so we had on long pants and long sleeves.  However, with the bright sun we wondered if we even needed jackets.  We did not.  I protected myself with my crazy old lady hat and prescription sunglasses.  I soon found that it was more comfortable in the shade.  Shorts and short sleeves would have been all right, too.  No matter.  We were out moving our legs and we intended to enjoy it.

We headed toward Meyers Park, where we saw three very cute little dogs enjoying a walk with their person.  I asked if we could pet them.

“Sure,” the guy said.  “They won’t harm you, they might jump up on you.”  That was OK with me.  As regular readers know, I no longer have a nice dog to jump up on me every day. I miss it.  The man told us they were all Jack Russells and two of the dogs were the offspring of the third.  One could not walk when he was born.  You wouldn’t know it now!  The other had been born dead but came back to life.

“So they’re miracle puppies,” I said, delighted to make their acquaintance.  He said he also had a German shepherd that had been abused.  I’m always glad to hear about a happily rescued dog.

We walked on to Main Street and down past a few businesses.  I saw new two second-hand shops I mean to check out when they are open.  Pete’s Tavern was open.  I said we could go in and get a beer, but we continued our walk instead.

The walk was less than a half hour, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Now I shall get back to enjoying my Sunday.  I hope you are doing the same.


We Interrupt this Scattered Saturday to Make a Blog Post

I have been adventuring all afternoon after getting up at 3:30 a.m. and working overtime, with the result that I am too tired to compose a proper blog post (what a surprise, me not making a proper post.  Say it ain’t so!).  I will go with my usual Scattered Saturday method and give a brief overview of what we did.

We headed to Richfield Springs, NY to go to the Richfield Springs Historic Association Museum and Exhibit Hall.   We knew it was located at 134 W. Main St., but you know, Main Street in any town can be long.  We missed it the first time through but noticed a Farmer’s Market going on. We turned around and parked near that.  We figured it was a nice day for a stroll down Main Street in any case.

The Farmer’s Market had some interesting looking vendors.  I would have liked to purchase some cheese or produce, but since  I was not sure how long it would have to stay in my hot car, I refrained.  On down Main Street we went. Richfield Springs is a charming little village.  I pushed the button to get a Walk signal just about the time a fire engine was turning onto Main at that corner.

The fire truck was followed by roughly 8,764 motorcycles (no, I didn’t count them, but I thought that number was closer to the truth than “a bazillion,” which is what I started to type).  It must have been some official ride for something, although I never found out what.  Still, it was fun to see all the motorcycles.  I do love a parade.

When we finally found the museum, it still lacked ten minutes till it opened.  Luckily we had noticed a store a couple of doors down called “Finders Keepers.”  It was easy to kill some time wandering around looking at antiques, collectibles and, well, one man’s trash.  Then we were on to the museum.

I’ll write more about both Finders Keepers and the museum later.  For now I’ll just say we had a great time and both places are definitely worth another visit.  We walked back to the vehicle feeling that if that was all we did, it would not be a bad afternoon’s adventure.  As we reached our vehicle,  I noticed a lady walking down the sidewalk.

“Hey!  That’s Aunt Mary!”  I didn’t mention that my Aunt Mary and Uncle Ted live in Richfield Springs, but they do.  I had gotten their phone number from my mother thinking we might call and stop by at some point.  As it turned out, we would not have had a chance to do so, but Aunt Mary and I had a nice little chat on the sidewalk.

Our adventures continued and included Pail Shop Vineyards, Jerry’s Place, Dyn’s Cider Mill, Rustic Ridge Winery, and a whole lot of driving through windy, hilly country roads.   We had a wonderful afternoon.

And now I’m tired.  I’m having a cup of coffee, which may revive me somewhat.  One might think I could then write a better blog post, but I don’t think this one is contemptible. Or do I flatter myself?  No matter.  I’m over 500 words.  I’m going back to enjoying my weekend with my husband.  Happy Saturday, everyone.


A Stroll But Not a Shop

I think Saturday Pedestrian Post is going to be a thing, till the return of Saturday Running Commentary, of which I do not despair.

It is raining in the Mohawk Valley today (Saturday, as I said). My schnoodle, Tabby, does not like to walk in the rain. She will go a few feet, then stop and give me a look that says, “What are we doing out here?” She won’t even go into the backyard to do her business till she’s desperate. She will stand on the porch and look out at the wet landscape speculatively.

When it looked as if the rain had stopped for the moment, so we gave it a try. Of course it had started again by the time I had found a proper jacket (damn weather that changes every five minutes), got Tabby’s harness on and made sure I had poop bags. However, Tabby seemed to want to go, so we started out.

It was not raining very hard. We headed down Bellinger Street towards Church. I had an idea to walk to Main Street, so see if anything was going on with Herkimer Now’s Shopper’s Stroll. This was to be a Christmas event featuring specials at participating businesses, strolling carolers, horse and buggy rides, a live nativity and more. I figured a cute little dog with wet paws would not be welcome in a business, but I figured we could see some sights.

Tabby wanted to go a different way, but I convinced her and we made it to Main Street. The live nativity was to be later (preview of coming attractions), so things were quiet at Herkimer Reformed Church. It started to rain a little harder as we started down Main, but I didn’t get the Look from Tabby, so I hoped for the best.

There was the horse and buggy! Two beautiful Clydesdales pulled the covered wagon, first at a walk then at a trot. Tabby seemed very interested. Perhaps she wanted to make friends with the horses. Or she thought all the people getting a ride would probably like to pet her.

The rain tapered off but did not stop. We crossed the street to the old Glory Days, where some people were putting up murals. I had read about these in the paper. They were painted by local high school and elementary students. They are beautiful and certainly improve the appearance of that sad building. I complimented the people putting them up, and thanked them for doing it.

I would have liked to stop in a Weisser’s Jewelers. Steven got me a lovely ring there for an anniversary. I wonder if I could find a nice ring there for him. However, I kept my wet-pawed doggy out of there and kept walking. Likewise we stayed out of Mary Anne Mothers Designs. We greeted Santa Claus in front of Brian’s Roast Beef Deli. Some people were taking pictures with him.

We did not walk by all the businesses that participated, and I apologize for not giving a shout-out to everyone. However, if any of my lovely readers would like to know more about the Herkimer Shopper’s Stroll or about Herkimer Now, you can visit their website at You can also Like Herkimer Now on Facebook.

Tabby on Main Street

I think Tabby would like to become a member of Herkimer Now. She had a wonderful time at their Superhero Sprint last Saturday. Tuesday night she joined them for their second Main Street Walk. Steven and I tagged along.

The first Main Street Walk was held last month (perhaps you read my blog post about it). Once again, people gathered outside Basloe Library at 6:30 p.m. We greeted people we remembered and who remembered us from last time or from the Superhero Sprint. Well, I guess they mostly remembered Tabby, although one woman had seen me on WUTR News (I had agreed to comment on camera). No news people were there this time (phew!), but Mayor Mark Ainsworth was on hand.

Another lady had brought her dog this time. She said her dog was kind of a snapper, so we did not let Tabby get too close, although both hounds seemed interested in each other. We walked north on Main Street as far as the 1834 Jail (one of my favorite spots), then crossed the street and walked south. Once again, people reminisced about what used to be where. Two gentlemen sitting on the stoop of an apartment building said hello. They knew one of the walkers, who stopped and chatted for a minute. I heard them express encouragement and approval.

When we passed Smokers Friendly, Steven went in to purchase a lottery ticket. I’ll let you know if he wins big. As we came out the door, Tabby encountered the other dog. Rowf! I think the other pooch wanted to fight, but her owner restrained her. We walked a little faster.

At State Street, also known as Route 5, people paused so we could cross the street as a group. It was almost dark by now. I remarked that it might have been better to start earlier and cross the busy street in full daylight. However, there were streetlights and a walk signal, and everybody made it across safely. One lady showed me that she had on an identification bracelet she wore when she rode her bike, so if she got hit by a car anybody would know who she was. I said that was a good idea, but, really, God forbid.

We hadn’t gotten to South Main Street on the first walk, so we saw some different buildings. Steven and I rarely cross State when we walk, so that was of interest to us.

St. Anthony’s Church hosted the group for refreshments. We hesitated about bringing Tabby in, but the lady in charge said it would be fine as long as we kept track of her. We didn’t let her off the leash, and she was, as usual, well behaved. One nice lady got her a dish of water. Steven and I enjoyed a cup of coffee and some treats. Tabby was a little disappointed that we didn’t share, but we made sure she got some treats when we got back home.

We walked back up Main Street by ourselves and managed to cross State without mishap. I was really glad we had gone on the walk. I think it’s wonderful that such a simple idea can make a difference and that people are willing to try. What tangible differences has it made so far, you may ask. I say good question. I’ll be watching Main Street and will be sure to report back.

I believe the two walks taken so far have at least made a difference to those of us who walked. I felt encouraged to see that people cared, were willing to come out and were optimistic enough to believe we can change things.

To watch for when the next walk will be, you can Like Herkimer Now’s Facebook page. Hope to see you there!