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Miracle Puppies in Meyers Park

How about if Sunday Stroll replaces Wrist to Forehead Sunday?  For one reason, exercise is a proven anti-depressant, as is spending time with loved ones.  After returning from a nice walk with my nice husband, I feel decidedly less down.

We had planned to go for a walk anyways, since it is a lovely day and Steven has the day off (yay!).  I decided to write a Pedestrian Post.  After all, waste not, want not.

It was cold in our house this morning, so we had on long pants and long sleeves.  However, with the bright sun we wondered if we even needed jackets.  We did not.  I protected myself with my crazy old lady hat and prescription sunglasses.  I soon found that it was more comfortable in the shade.  Shorts and short sleeves would have been all right, too.  No matter.  We were out moving our legs and we intended to enjoy it.

We headed toward Meyers Park, where we saw three very cute little dogs enjoying a walk with their person.  I asked if we could pet them.

“Sure,” the guy said.  “They won’t harm you, they might jump up on you.”  That was OK with me.  As regular readers know, I no longer have a nice dog to jump up on me every day. I miss it.  The man told us they were all Jack Russells and two of the dogs were the offspring of the third.  One could not walk when he was born.  You wouldn’t know it now!  The other had been born dead but came back to life.

“So they’re miracle puppies,” I said, delighted to make their acquaintance.  He said he also had a German shepherd that had been abused.  I’m always glad to hear about a happily rescued dog.

We walked on to Main Street and down past a few businesses.  I saw new two second-hand shops I mean to check out when they are open.  Pete’s Tavern was open.  I said we could go in and get a beer, but we continued our walk instead.

The walk was less than a half hour, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Now I shall get back to enjoying my Sunday.  I hope you are doing the same.