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I Accomplish a Monstrous Monday Post

Before starting work this morning and again on break, I worked on a blog post. In addition to not having completed it (I think the last thing I wrote was, “Where was I going with this?”), I do not feel like sitting up at the laptop and typing it in. I really must get a new laptop, so I can lounge on the couch and ten-finger type in comfort. At my age, posture is a lost cause.

All this by way of introduction to another Monstrous Monday.

Is this how Monday snuck up on you?

Every Monday is the start of another chance to get my act together and work towards accomplishing my goals. I seem to remember reading somewhere that accomplishments are overrated, but I think I would like to accomplish a few things and see. One likes to have a basis for comparison.

Or one could just sleep the day away.

Most Mondays, I let myself off the hook (for example, by making Monstrous Monday Blog Post). I figure just getting through the day is enough. However today I made my lunch for tomorrow, did the dishes, and spent some time folding laundry, including putting out clothes for Tuesday and Wednesday. It is not a lot, but let us not expect miracles.

Additionally, I am over 200 words with very little effort. If I can find one more monster picture, I will be reasonably content.

I love a cloudy day.

OK, I could not find a monster I like. How about a threatening cloudy sky? Sufficiently spooky, I hope.

Just Type in Some Foolishness and Hit Publish

I suppose the operative thing to have done today was to have written a blog post about one of the things I mentioned this morning.  Or I could have done a Running Commentary about this morning’s run (it was awesome, by the way).  But here I sit, looking at television and strongly inclined to just type in some foolishness and hit Publish.

Right now Forensic Files is on, but before that we were watching the divine Joan Crawford in Straitjacket.

Don’t lie; we’ve all been there.

During the movie we debated and debated what movie to watch next.  We still have not decided, hence our viewing of Forensic Files.  I was hoping to find the cheesier Deadly Women on ID, but no luck.  Not even a Snapped on Oxygen.  Some Saturdays are bad that way.

I must admit, it is quite relaxing to sit on my couch, wondering how best to veg out.  The last couple of weeks we have been moving and shaking. Even last night we were out and about (as I believe I mentioned).  It is fun to be out and about, but you can get too much of a good thing.

Just to make this a Scattered Saturday post, I will quickly cover today’s accomplishments, although they are a little thin.  My run was long and felt good.  Then I wrote some post cards and we left the house by the front door.  Regular readers will recall that our back door was ailing.  We went to breakfast at Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner then to Collis Hardware to get some screws for the door.

Back home, we fixed the door.  Woohoo, I think it was a success!  Then I had a headache so laid down with my heat-up face mask and took a nap.  On rising, I got on the laptop and typed in what I had written on my murder mystery script.  Later I thought how to finish up and made a few notes about it.  I anticipate finishing and polishing tomorrow.

And that was about it.  Eventually we got to the movie watching portion of the evening, and that is where we are at now.  If only we could agree on which movie to watch next.


Late Wrist, Lousy Post; Sorry, Folks

Once again I did the thing of not posting yesterday, with the result that here I sit at 4:23 in the morning (whatever my WordPress timestamp might say), trying to come up with something so I can continue to call myself a daily blogger.  It is not important why I did not post yesterday.  As I like to say, explanations are tiresome.

I got a few things accomplished on Sunday, fighting my own dictum that there is no point in trying to get anything done on a Sunday.  Sometimes when you get something done and you’re proud of yourself for getting it done, you go on and accomplish ten more things.  Other times, you don’t get another damn thing done, even making a Wrist to Forehead Sunday blog post.  Guess what sort of day yesterday was for me.  I just don’t imagine regular readers are surprised.

Anyways, here we are at the beginning of another week, another chance for me to get my act together.  I do not feel I am off to a good start, but that’s OK.  One can overcome a bad start and still have a good finish.  One can come back from a late and rather lousy Sunday blog post and make fine, entertaining posts for the rest of the week.  That is what I will try to do.


Minor Accomplishments on Wrist to Forehead Sunday

I knew earlier today that this would be a Wrist to Forehead Sunday post.  Why I didn’t just go ahead and write it earlier. .. I was about to say I don’t know but in fact I do.  But it’s not that interesting a reason, so never mind.

This weekend has been almost a complete wash-out for me.  The few things I did:  I worked six hours of overtime, I ran twice, and I had a Mohawk Valley adventure with my husband today.  But I missed seeing a play at Utica Players, directed by an Ilion Little Theatre member and featuring two actors from Leading Ladies (remember, the play I directed this past spring?).  And I did not clean my house (ooh, one load of laundry, does that count for anything?), I did not learn my lines for Much Ado About Nothing (remember, the play I’m in in Little Falls?) (I did think about them while I worked on Saturday, does that count for anything?), I did not write anything except blog posts Friday, Saturday and, if it counts for anything, today.

I was actually pretty pleased with myself that I ran today.  When I got up I really did not want to.  It was raining when I took Spunky for his morning business meeting, but I had to admit it was not raining hard enough to preclude a run.  Then it stopped raining.  I sat down and had a cup of coffee anyways.  Then I decided to run.  So remember that.  Sometimes you don’t have to force yourself to do something.  Sometimes if you sit down and have a cup of coffee, you find you’d kind of like to do the thing anyways.

On the run I ran a major hill I didn’t mean to run.  Suddenly there I was, going up, up, up.  I kept going because I did not want to just turn around and run back down.  I ended up increasing the length of time I ran by the recommended ten percent from last week.  Score!

So I have a few choices here.  I can feel pleased by the stuff I did accomplish, chastise myself over the things I did not accomplish, or call the whole thing a wash and see what Monday brings.  Oh one other choice:  I can see if I can accomplish anything else before bedtime (always early on a Sunday, because, you know, Monday).  If I do that, perhaps I’ll write a blog post about it.  As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.