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And I Made a Blog Post

Oh, it is Wrist to Forehead Sunday! Do I have to define that every time? I would think regular readers would get tired of hearing how I feel inclined to swoon onto a handy chaise lounge, dramatically posed with the back of one wrist to my forehead (predictive text certainly expected me to type it). I still have not acquired that elusive chaise lounge. My house is such a mess these days I would be hard pressed to find a place to put it. Some days I struggle to find a bare area to swoon.

I must confess I spent most of the day reading a Victoria Holt novel. Holt is a mistress of the kind of exciting, mysterious romances where the heroine is in love with an arrogant, exasperating, devastatingly attractive dude that may or may not be a murderer, usually of his wife. You can judge me for reading this sort of potato chip fiction, but hers are very well written. On the vaguely productive side, I went running in the morning and currently have a load of laundry in the drier.

It has long been my contention that it is useless to try to get anything done on a Sunday. It has also long been my practice to try to get something done anyways, or at least beat myself up for failing to do so. If beating oneself up burned calories, I would handily meet my weight loss goals.

I do not know where I thought I was going with this blog post. I guess I just hoped to rattle on for 200 words. Score! I guess that makes three things I got done today.


For a Sunday Post, It Will Have To Do


It is SO Wrist to Forehead Sunday today!  I don’t want to make a post.  I don’t want to do anything!  What a bum!

The only reason I am typing anything at all (as Truman Capote famously said, “That’s not writing, that’s typing”) is that I do not want to be typing at 4 a.m. tomorrow.  I know, I said posting in the morning was going to be a thing, but I don’t want to HAVE to do it. Am I making sense?  Probably not,  but as usual, I ask you to bear with me.

We had a fun time earlier with our friend Kim at the End Zone Pub and Grub.  There is not much else I can say about that, and, alas, I did not take pictures.  Pictures always do pep up a post, don’t they?

Isn’t she pretty?

Just to prove that point, I put in a picture of Kim.  This is at Dikin Durt Distillery in Herkimer, NY.  That lets me include another plug for a local business.  I need to get back to Dikin Durt soon.  I could use another bottle of moonshine for coffee of questionable moral fiber purposes.

So this is my blog post for today.  Two small plugs for local businesses and a little whining about How I Can’t Make a Post.  It will have to do.

Just to also include a picture of the End Zone.


True Crime on Wrist to Forehead Sunday

Well, my wrist is really on my forehead today.   In a dramatic pose as I swoon on the sofa, of course.

This was me in a melodrama. I was quite dramatic.

The true wrist-to-forehead pose is leaned back, eyes skyward if they’re even open, as I said, about to swoon, backwards.  I read somewhere that people always faint forward, that is one way you can tell if they are faking it.  However, I think if you are already leaning back you would continue to do so.  I have not had occasion to test the theory.

So far this post seems not to be about the title.

Even the re-runs are pretty good.

We are watching Snapped, one of my favorites.  Unfortunately, or perhaps I should say fortunately, we are talking and talking and not watching so much.  Fortunately, because it is fun to chat with people.  Unfortunately, because I am not making a very good blog post.

Well, what are Sundays for, anyways?  To sit around dreading Monday? What a waste of time! To prepare for the upcoming week?  As if I ever did anything that together!  To enjoy what’s left of the weekend?  There’s a goal I can get behind!

So I am going to get off WordPress and get back to enjoying my conversation, true crime show, and Sunday evening.  Perhaps I can find a picture to leave you with.  Something wrist-to-forehead-ish?  Something true-crime-ish?  Something conversation-with-friends-ish?  Or maybe just a monster for laughs?

“I still don’t know why they asked me to be in this blog post.”



Late Wrist, Lousy Post; Sorry, Folks

Once again I did the thing of not posting yesterday, with the result that here I sit at 4:23 in the morning (whatever my WordPress timestamp might say), trying to come up with something so I can continue to call myself a daily blogger.  It is not important why I did not post yesterday.  As I like to say, explanations are tiresome.

I got a few things accomplished on Sunday, fighting my own dictum that there is no point in trying to get anything done on a Sunday.  Sometimes when you get something done and you’re proud of yourself for getting it done, you go on and accomplish ten more things.  Other times, you don’t get another damn thing done, even making a Wrist to Forehead Sunday blog post.  Guess what sort of day yesterday was for me.  I just don’t imagine regular readers are surprised.

Anyways, here we are at the beginning of another week, another chance for me to get my act together.  I do not feel I am off to a good start, but that’s OK.  One can overcome a bad start and still have a good finish.  One can come back from a late and rather lousy Sunday blog post and make fine, entertaining posts for the rest of the week.  That is what I will try to do.


Scattered Sunday?

I wanted to have another Severed Head Sunday.  I thought it would happen when Steven agreed to watch The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, one of my all-time favorite cheesy movies.  From there we could have gone onto a number of other features, cheesy or otherwise:  Hush… Hush, Sweet CharlotteStraitjacket, Sleepy Hollow (or, as I like to call it, The Headless Everybody), even Jaws has a scene with a severed head (I believe Jaws was a feature of my first Severed Head Sunday).

Then we decided to go for a walk, because  I finished a letter I wanted to mail.  I brought along the Tablet and took some pictures, so why not do a Sunday Stroll post?  While Steven was changing his shoes, I went into the backyard and got a picture of our Black-eyed Susans that I have been wanting.

The three bushes in the background are in the neighbors’ yard.


I took two shots, thinking to use the best one, but I now I think I’ll use both.

I don’t know if you can tell, but we’ve got quite a nice batch of chives next to the Black-eyed Susans.

I had just been remarking to Steven that our spearmint seems a little out of control, so I got a shot of that, too.

I should have gotten Steven to stand next to it for perspective.

I was glad I had taken two pictures at home, because I did not find as much to shoot on our walk.  However, I knew I wanted a picture of our post office, because I think it is kind of cool and historic looking.

I stood across the street so I could get the whole building.

As we walked up Main Street, I saw some flowers in front of Basloe Library which I had not taken a picture of, I don’t think.  I think I only took a shot of the ones in the park next to the library.

I wish I had focused in on the big pink blooms more, but you can’t see on the Tablet really well in the sunshine.

I was glad to get back home, because it was hotter outside than I had thought.  Also, I had not worn my sunglasses and the bright sunlight was bothering me.  Just to piss and moan a little, so this is more of a Wrist to Forehead Sunday after all.  However, my headline promised a Scattered Sunday and I began by talking about movies, so I will close with a photo I downloaded from one of my monster movie groups on Facebook.

Is it just me or does the building in the background look a little like Stone Mill at Canal Place in Little Falls?

It is a rare close up of Max Schrek in make-up as Nosferatu, who, as regular readers know, is one of my all-time favorite guys.  Happy Sunday, everyone.


Wrist to Severed Head?

I interrupt my Severed Head Sunday entertainment to make my blog post.  I did not realize this was going to be a Severed Head Sunday.  I thought I was having a perfectly normal Wrist to Forehead Sunday, not getting enough done, sorry I have to go to work tomorrow, feeling a big angsty about it all.  But Steven and I decided to watch movies instead of our usual Snapped marathon.  When we agreed on Lake Placid, I realized what kind of Sunday it was.

Lake Placid, for the uninitiated, is a horror movie from 1999 about alligators terrorizing a Maine lake which is, in fact, not called Lake Placid.  I wrote a blog post about it some time ago (I wonder if I can find it and make a link).  I think it is a fun flick.  Of course, to make this a true Severed Head Sunday, it might be nice to watch at least one more movie that involves decapitation.  Or there may be an episode of Snapped that can fulfill that requirement.  I am nothing if not flexible in these things.

I have done some writing today, but not much.  At the risk of becoming tiresome, I will just mention VERY BRIEFLY that my cold seems to be back.  Perhaps I do not get enough Vitamin C in my life.   However, I liked what I wrote and I may write a little more, when the movie watching, hanging out with husband portion of the day is over.  After all, one must hang out with one’s husband.


A Pause for the Post

I pause in the midst of my Wrist to Forehead Sunday activities to make a blog post.  Not a good blog post, but, well, make your own snide comments here.

I slept in till after six this morning.  I felt rather pleased about that, although since I had gone to bed after 11:30 — unprecedented debauchery for me (although I did not actually debauch; I just got to bed late) — I can’t say I felt as rested as I would like to feel.  Then again, as the great philosopher Mick Jagger once pointed out, you can’t always get what you want.

After a cup and a half of coffee, I went running. Yay me. It wasn’t a great run, but I did increase my run time by the recommended 10 percent from my most recent longest time.  I went to church with my sister, Cheryl,  and some of her family (including my wonderful great nephew).  Cheryl and her friend Penny were going to a Psychic Fair in Frankfort, but I declined to join them because I had to do laundry, among other things.

Full disclosure:  I only did one load of laundry and now a whole hell of a lot else.  Steven and I (once he got home from work) were watching Halloween movies, but we paused one to take our poocher, Spunky, for a walk.  When we returned, Steven became fired with ambition to put the Halloween lights up on the front porch.  So I’m sitting here looking at the blue screen which results when you pause a movie too long, feeling guilty that I am sitting here pecking away at the laptop keyboard while Steven does something useful.  What’s that all about?

So its another damn dumb post, but what do you want from me on a Sunday?  I’ll see what I can come up with for Monday.  In the meantime, I leave you with a philosophical question:  Should I have gone to the Psychic Fair?  Discuss amongst yourselves.


We Interrupt my Sunday for a Wrist to Forehead Moment

I pause in the midst of my day for a Wrist to Forehead Sunday post.  It is not really a bad Sunday; I just don’t feel up to making a good post.  I feel sure my readers will understand or at least forgive.  If not, oh well, what the hell, as a wise woman once said (it was my mother).

I got up and ran this morning, managing a better run than yesterday.  In fact, the day all around has been a better day.  I did some laundry, I did the dishes, I finished a letter and wrote a post card, Steven and I went grocery shopping (I neglected to put cilantro on the list, although I had planned to make salsa), I did some chopping and mixing.  I could probably manage a blog post about one of those.  Yet, I feel strangely disinclined to do so.

Oh who am I kidding? There is nothing strange about it.  I often feel disinclined to make what I call a real blog post, especially on a Sunday.  Hence, my usual Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  This is what comes of a blogger not taking any days off.  Would one suggest I make fewer posts per week but make them better?  That won’t work for me; I would just stop posting entirely, because nothing would ever been good enough.

That would be no tragedy, you say?  You could be right, but it is not a very nice thing to say now, is it?  On the other hand, that gives me a reason to have a wrist to forehead moment.  Alack and alas!  Somebody, somewhere does not want me posting every day!  Whatever will I do? Who is this discouraging miscreant?  Ah yes, the imaginary critic in my own head.  Silly me.

Now I am getting entirely too silly.  I shall sign off and get back to enjoying my Sunday.  I hope all my readers are having a similarly enjoyable time.


Off to a Running Start on Sunday

It’s Sunday Running Commentary!  When I got up this morning (at a leisurely but not as late as I would have liked) 6 a.m., I said, “It would be a good idea if I went running.”  I was bearing in mind a recent note to self: do not go three days without running.  It had been two.  Regular readers may recall that it is a trick I use to get myself to do what is good for me:  I say, “It would be a good idea if…” as opposed to, “I should…”  Sometimes it works.  Today it did.

I wore my ARMY t-shirt with the reflective doo-dah on the back, because it seemed the sun was not quite up.  By the time I had wrestled myself into two sports bras (do NOT tell me, “TMI!”), it was not as dark as it had seemed, but a bit of reflective stuff is not a bad idea on a run.  Off I went.

As I reached the end of the driveway I saw the most beautiful sky.  The rising sun was making a lovely pink texture on the bottom sides of lots of clouds.  It was to the left of me as I ran towards German Street.  I wondered if it was a red sky at morning (sailors take warning). I pondered, as I have since I first heard that expression, if there was a qualitative difference between red skies and pink skies.  And how about orange skies?  Anyways, I’m not a sailor, so I have never been too exercised over the whole idea.

I turned left onto German, so I could enjoy the sky.  I saw our paper deliverers across the road and waved at them.  Our paper deliverers are awesome.  So prompt and reliable, and they seem to have a vast territory.  My plan was to run up Main Street, down the path over what used to be a hydraulic canal (does that path have a name?) then on to the end of German, via a street that runs parallel, and back down German, going up and down the dead end streets.  It is what I think of as my Sunday Dead End Run.  As my run time increases, I can add more dead end streets.  My run time is back down (I’ve had a bad summer, running-wise), so I wondered how few dead ends I would make today.

As it turned out, very few.  OK, just one. And I suffered an injury. Not much of one.  As I approached the end of the street that ends near the parking lot of the HARC building (another dead end but not one that forces me to turn around, so ah ha ha), I ran around a car parked across the sidewalk.  I thought to get back on the sidewalk for the little bit of it that was left, then I tripped on the curb and went down.  Damn!  How clumsy of me.  I scraped my knee but did not pause to check how badly.  It didn’t feel too bad.  I had landed on one hand too but thought I had done even less damage there.  Mostly some gravel.  This was fine. I would be bad ass enough not to worry about it (although I planned to mention it in my blog post).

It was not, however, a particularly bad ass run.  I was ready for the cool shower portion of my day well before I stopped running.  I enjoyed it, despite being sweaty, tired and (slightly) injured. I like looking at people’s houses, envying features like screened-in porches and wondering if I can imitate certain garden features.  For example, I saw a chair with a potted plant sitting underneath the space where the seat was missing, vines climbing up the chair back.  Do I have a broken old chair I can use that way? Maybe I could find one at a garage sale.  I saw a very long clothesline.  My clothesline is not nearly that long but I like it.  Is it supposed to rain today?  My bunions are non-committal.

I ended up running 30 minutes.  My goal had been 28, approximately ten percent over the 25 minutes I ran last Sunday.  I felt pretty pleased about it.  I feel pretty pleased that I have made my blog post prior to 8 a.m.  What other ambitious things can I get done today?  The sky’s the limit!  Incidentally, it stopped being pink soon into my run.  I think I’ll check and see if it’s grey.


Not So Wrist to Forehead After All

Well, of course it’s Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  It is not only a mere two days after Christmas, tomorrow I must return to work after a lovely four day weekend. WHAT IS THERE TO FEEL HAPPY ABOUT?

In fact there is a lot to feel happy about.  I am actually having a pleasant Sunday.  This morning my husband and I drove to Chadwicks to go to mass with some of my favorite family members including my utterly delightful great-nephew.  After church, Steven and I drove into Frankfort for breakfast at The Knight Spot. Back in Herkimer, we stopped at T & J’s Fruits and Vegetables for red peppers, my latest addiction.

Right now we are indulging in one of my favorite pastimes: hanging out in sweatpants watching true crime shows (Dateline on TLC right now, perhaps an episode or two of Snapped later) while I contemplate what I will do with my red peppers and when I should start.

More importantly, along with my usual Post-Chrristmas Letdown, I am intermittently experiencing Post-Christmas Relief and a little bit of New Year’s Surge.  My relief:  ah, for better or worse, the presents have been completed, wrapped and mostly given (a few are at my parents’ house, awaiting other family members’ arrival),  I’ve done all the Christmas things I can do, even if I didn’t do them well, even if I missed a few (Hmm, I think there’s a poem there somewhere).

And now the New Year’s Surge:  with Christmas over, I can move on to other things.  Bigger and better things? We’ll see.  In the meantime, I have more true crime shows to watch, a dinner to think about, and some serious hanging out to do before I return to work tomorrow.  Happy Sunday, everyone.