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And I Made a Blog Post

Oh, it is Wrist to Forehead Sunday! Do I have to define that every time? I would think regular readers would get tired of hearing how I feel inclined to swoon onto a handy chaise lounge, dramatically posed with the back of one wrist to my forehead (predictive text certainly expected me to type it). I still have not acquired that elusive chaise lounge. My house is such a mess these days I would be hard pressed to find a place to put it. Some days I struggle to find a bare area to swoon.

I must confess I spent most of the day reading a Victoria Holt novel. Holt is a mistress of the kind of exciting, mysterious romances where the heroine is in love with an arrogant, exasperating, devastatingly attractive dude that may or may not be a murderer, usually of his wife. You can judge me for reading this sort of potato chip fiction, but hers are very well written. On the vaguely productive side, I went running in the morning and currently have a load of laundry in the drier.

It has long been my contention that it is useless to try to get anything done on a Sunday. It has also long been my practice to try to get something done anyways, or at least beat myself up for failing to do so. If beating oneself up burned calories, I would handily meet my weight loss goals.

I do not know where I thought I was going with this blog post. I guess I just hoped to rattle on for 200 words. Score! I guess that makes three things I got done today.

What to Wear on Wrist to Forehead Sunday

Hello and welcome to another Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  I am hoping to get a blog post published before what may be our final rehearsal for Secrets at Suiter House, the murder mystery we are doing to benefit the Herkimer County Historical Society.  Do I know all my lines?  Do we have all the props?  Ooh, we totally do not have all the props.  Well, I will work on that during the coming week.

In the meantime, I am progressing on the next murder mystery, Spring into Murder, for Morning Star Methodist Church in Ilion on April 28.  I think I have a full cast now, if one more person says yes.  And if we can coordinate rehearsals.  I have remembered that I do not particularly like rehearsing on Sunday.  But one does what one must; it is a well known fact that the show must go on!

Oh dear, this is a very dull post.  I have not even shared any new information.  That is another reason why I am poised with my wrist to my forehead, ready to swoon.  I suppose I could take a selfie with my Tablet, so you could really get the picture, but I am not really dressed for swooning.  What does one wear to swoon?  I am thinking a negligee, something with lots of flowy draperies.  Then I need a pair of those mules, with heels and a fluffy thing on the toe.  You know what I mean.

Now I am laughing at myself.  I don’t exactly have a costume for the next murder mystery but I am figuring out what to wear while I have one of my dithery personal crises.  In fact, I just sent my husband, Steven, upstairs to figure out what he might wear.   I asked everybody to bring or wear costumes to rehearsal today.  I am going to bring my back-up outfit, which I think will end up being just fine.

Between laughing at myself and reflecting that my back-up outfit will probably be OK, I am feeling increasingly less inclined to swoon.  But I’ll let you know when I get dramatic again.  Happy Sunday, everyone.


Remind Me to Get a Chaise Lounge

Oh, why do I wait till so late in the day to make my blog post?  I say it in the usual dramatic pose, one wrist to my forehead, before I swoon on the chaise lounge which I have cleverly made sure I was standing near.  Just kidding.  I don’t have a chaise lounge.

I was actually thinking about this earlier.  Ladies swooning, I mean.  I was watching Phantom of the Opera, the original silent film.  I have been watching it for two days now, about a half hour each time, while I ran in place on the mini-tramp.  Yes!  I have started running again!  Just thought I’d slip that little fact in.

But getting back to swooning, we had reached the point where the Phantom has abducted Christine.  A bunch of stuff happens, then the woman ups and faints.  Let me tell you, I was jealous.  When a girl just couldn’t handle it any more, all she had to do was swoon. What a great way to get out of thinking of a snappy comeback!  Ah, not that I am usually at a loss for a snappy comeback.  I mean I can’t ALWAYS think of one, but often.  Still, that fainting had to come in handy sometimes.

For example right now.  Here I am, Sunday evening and no blog post in sight.  If only I could faint dead away and not have to worry about it!   Or I could just do what I usually do and type in a bunch of nonsense and hit Publish. And, of course, try again tomorrow.  Happy Sunday, everyone.