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Porch Sitting Preview

The Mohawk Valley really warmed up today, with highs close to 70!  Steven and I actually sat on our front porch for a while.  I took a few pictures.

I LOVE grey skies!

We did not know how long we would be able to sit out, because ominous storm clouds were moving in.

These are even better!

As I moved off the porch to get this shot, I reassured a couple of kids playing soccer that I was photographing the sky, not them.  They were not too worried about it.  Then Steven said, “Take a picture of the soccer players!”  I asked them, and they said OK.

They had some pretty good moves, but I was unable to capture any.

We enjoyed sitting watching the clouds move in and the kids play soccer.

The porch roof kind of blocks this one.


The clouds moved in further…


And further!

Eventually it started raining.  We kept sitting on the porch, even when the rain blew in on us.  We did not get too wet. Then it stopped raining, and we felt vindicated.  When the wind started to feel a little chilly, we came back inside.

It was wonderful to sit on the porch in warm temperatures.  The weekend is supposed to be cold, but we know the overall trend will be warm.  Come on, spring!



I Like My Husband on Lame Post Friday

I have observed many weeks that how ever many lame posts I have had all week, I cling to my beloved Lame Post Friday.  In fact, I had hoped to make a “real” post today, perhaps a Friday Running Commentary.  Well, I didn’t run.  We went out and had a few bonafide (for heavens’ sake, that IS the way you spell it; I checked! Yet my computer underlines it)  Mohawk Valley adventures.  Can I write about them? NO!  I want to sit here, watch TV, and knit. I even think my husband has gone off to bed, so what does that tell you?  It tells me we’re old and Friday night does not last as long as it used to.

Be all that as it may, I have to make a blog post (NOTE:  Steven has come back downstairs, so the evening is not over yet).  The lightheadedness I was bitching about yesterday is still with me.  Apparently I must learn to live with this problem, because nothing I have tried has done much.  These things happen when one is over 50, I suppose.

I will just mention that it is the beginning of Steven’s and my Anniversary Weekend.  As of Saturday, Oct. 20, we will be married 28 years.  Isn’t that odd?  I have now been married longer than I was single.  That is especially striking to one who so rarely had a boyfriend when she was single.  That’s OK, though.  I like my husband.   I like being married.

And that is not a bad conclusion to a Friday Lame Post.  Happy Friday, all, and hope to see you again on Saturday.


Wrist to Severed Head?

I interrupt my Severed Head Sunday entertainment to make my blog post.  I did not realize this was going to be a Severed Head Sunday.  I thought I was having a perfectly normal Wrist to Forehead Sunday, not getting enough done, sorry I have to go to work tomorrow, feeling a big angsty about it all.  But Steven and I decided to watch movies instead of our usual Snapped marathon.  When we agreed on Lake Placid, I realized what kind of Sunday it was.

Lake Placid, for the uninitiated, is a horror movie from 1999 about alligators terrorizing a Maine lake which is, in fact, not called Lake Placid.  I wrote a blog post about it some time ago (I wonder if I can find it and make a link).  I think it is a fun flick.  Of course, to make this a true Severed Head Sunday, it might be nice to watch at least one more movie that involves decapitation.  Or there may be an episode of Snapped that can fulfill that requirement.  I am nothing if not flexible in these things.

I have done some writing today, but not much.  At the risk of becoming tiresome, I will just mention VERY BRIEFLY that my cold seems to be back.  Perhaps I do not get enough Vitamin C in my life.   However, I liked what I wrote and I may write a little more, when the movie watching, hanging out with husband portion of the day is over.  After all, one must hang out with one’s husband.


Not Lame, Love!

In lieu of my usual Friday Lame Post, I thought I would share a few photos of the lovely Valentine’s Day decorations my sweetie-pie husband, Steven put up.  Steven has a real talent for decorating.  He does the various seasons at our house.  It brightens up my day.  Here is the mantle over our fireplace:


I decorated the grapevine wreath. I was really into grapevine wreaths and my hot glue gun for a while there. Perhaps I should get back into it.


We almost never use our dining room table, although I do have a couple of jigsaw puzzles I’d like to work on at some point.  Usually Steven puts a seasonal table cloth on, but apparently the Valentine one he had got damaged.  I personally like the doily look.


I gave him the roulette wheel in the center for his birthday one year. I found it at a second-hand shop.


The buffet is also in the dining room.  Ignore the mural on the wall; that was there when we moved in.  The poster partially blocking it was displayed in the lobby of Ilion Little Theatre during the run of Leading Ladies, the show I directed last spring.


The juke box is out all year. It is one of Steven’s prized possessions.


This is the window over our kitchen sink, looking out into our backyard.


I carefully held the Tablet so as not to photograph the dirty dishes in the sink. Um, I mean, there are no dirty dishes in my sink.


Now I must start thinking about Valentine’s Day.  What, oh what, can I give my beloved husband?  As you can see, we already have a lot of cutesy little stuffed toys, heart shaped boxes and other Valentine memorabilia.  I’ll try to think of something good.  Then I’ll write a blog post about it.  In the meantime, Happy Friday, everyone!


Movies on Monday

I just took another dose of pain medication and said, “I’d better make my blog post, in case I fall asleep.”

“Write about the wonderful day you had with your husband,” suggested my husband.

“I was going to,” I told him.  “I was going to call it, ‘Movies on Monday.'” And so I will, unless I think of something better before it’s time to hit Publish.  I don’t really expect to, because, you know, pain medication.

We started with a rather obscure title we purchased at New York Connection in Utica recently, Rehearsal for Murder.  Two of our favorite things: theatre and murder.  It featured Robert Preston, Lynn Redgraves, Patrick Macnee, Jeff Goldblum and William Daniels.  However, what really sold us was that it was written by Richard Levinson and William Link, the geniuses behind Columbo.

It turns out it was Made For TV.  Nowhere on the package does it admit this, but one can tell, if noway else by how it fades to black at the end of certain scenes, the better to head off to a commercial break.  On the other hand, Columbo was a television show, and we love that.  Rehearsal for Murder is worth a watch.  I won’t tell you any of the plot, in case it ever comes your way.  I didn’t include a spoiler alert.

The next movie I put in was Isle of the Dead, on a Horror Double Feature DVD that was sent to me some time ago by my friend Rachel.  Boris Karloff, there could be no possible objection.  I may have written about it before (too lazy and/or doped up to check).  After it was over, I put the cable back on and looked at Snapped (what else?) while Steven took Spunky for a walk.

Now we are watching Malice, an old favorite of ours with plenty of twists and turns.  Steven had given me a choice between that one and A Perfect Murder with Gwyneth Paltrow, but I thought it had been longer since we had seen Malice.  It was partway into the movie that we remembered that Paltrow has a small part in it.  We both thought that was kind of cool.  And the night is young; we may get to another murder — uh, I mean movie — before we’re done.  Happy Monday, everyone.


And the Killer Is…

Just kidding.  This is a Pedestrian Post masquerading as a Non-Sequitur Thursday.

I have been having trouble re-starting my run regimen (I use a most generous definition of “regimen”).  My knees have been bothering me.  Not horribly, but they do ache.  It is sometimes less than pleasant to go up or down stairs.  I have a dreadful suspicion that it is age-related.  I feel sure that if I lost more weight, that would help. Running may bother my knees,but it will help me lose weight, which will  be good for my knees. It’s kind of circular.

Monday I went for a nice walk with my husband.  Tuesday I ran.  Tuesday night/Wednesday morning I woke up with my left knee THROBBING!!!  I couldn’t go back to sleep at first because it hurt so bad.  Oh, crap!  I limped through work on Wednesday and neither ran nor walked afterwards (as you may remember, it was Wuss-out Wednesday).  However, if I don’t use my legs, they start to feel really crappy.

My knee felt better today, but I was not sure running was the best idea.   Additionally, it was Steven’s day off and you know how I love to maximize my husband time.  I made up my mind I would either run in place on the mini-tramp, while chatting with Steve, or go for a walk with Steve. Obviously, a walk was the more attractive option.

It was warmer earlier in the week, but it was not at all bad today.  We had to walk around some puddles, but surrounding grass was not too muddy.   There were a few patches of ice, which Steven boldly walked over.  I mostly skirted them.   We noted a few houses that still had their Christmas decorations up.  We like Christmas.

It was a very pleasant walk, and my legs felt wonderful with the exercise.  I will attempt another walk tomorrow or Saturday, I hope.  I’ll probably write a blog post about it.


Do You Like Me?

I purposely kept my wrist off my forehead yesterday so I could indulge in Wrist to Forehead Sunday today. Of course it might not have been necessary. I had planned a couple of Mohawk Valley adventures I could have written about. Unfortunately, they fell through. Blame the weather, blame my sinus headache (which was perhaps caused by the weather), or blame me. Whatever. The fact is, my husband is due home from work in about ten minutes and I want to have my blog post done and published so I can enjoy some time with him.

I’ll just mention as an aside here, we are celebrating our Anniversary Eve today. It’ll be 24 years tomorrow. In your face, divorce rate! As I think about this wonderful man with whom I share my life, my house, my dog, and my wine, I feel increasingly less wrist-to-foreheady. However, I felt marginally distressed earlier, so I’ll just rattle off a paragraph or two about that.

I was reading some other blogs. I don’t always have the time to do this, but I have a few I Follow, and I try to check out bloggers who have Liked my posts. I always feel so flattered to get Likes. Almost like I’m doing something right, which regular readers know is something that rarely happens. WELL, there I was reading a post when I discovered that SOME bloggers Like posts without actually reading them. Can you imagine such a thing?

This does explain a couple of times when I have gotten a Like almost immediately after hitting Publish. While it affords a certain satisfaction to have something explained, I can’t help feeling a certain dissatisfaction with the explanation. Luckily I don’t feel too awful about it. With my low self-esteem, I could easily flash back to the elementary school playground when, as too often happens in the schoolyard, someone I thought was a friend would suddenly do something mean to me.

“But I thought you LIIIIKED me!” I don’t remember if I actually wailed that line, with or without the extra syllables in “like,” but there’s a good chance I did. And you thought I was such a tough broad (nobody needs to tell me that they never thought that for one day ever in their lives).

I think miffed is a better term for the way I feel about it, now that I have reached middle age. I won’t say I’ve gained maturity exactly, but I admit to a certain level of contentment with my immaturity. We’ll call it perspective.

What was my point? Ah yes, merely to hit Publish before my husband got home. I didn’t make it. But I’ll hit Publish now, and we’ll talk more about this later.