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Movies on Monday

I just took another dose of pain medication and said, “I’d better make my blog post, in case I fall asleep.”

“Write about the wonderful day you had with your husband,” suggested my husband.

“I was going to,” I told him.  “I was going to call it, ‘Movies on Monday.'” And so I will, unless I think of something better before it’s time to hit Publish.  I don’t really expect to, because, you know, pain medication.

We started with a rather obscure title we purchased at New York Connection in Utica recently, Rehearsal for Murder.  Two of our favorite things: theatre and murder.  It featured Robert Preston, Lynn Redgraves, Patrick Macnee, Jeff Goldblum and William Daniels.  However, what really sold us was that it was written by Richard Levinson and William Link, the geniuses behind Columbo.

It turns out it was Made For TV.  Nowhere on the package does it admit this, but one can tell, if noway else by how it fades to black at the end of certain scenes, the better to head off to a commercial break.  On the other hand, Columbo was a television show, and we love that.  Rehearsal for Murder is worth a watch.  I won’t tell you any of the plot, in case it ever comes your way.  I didn’t include a spoiler alert.

The next movie I put in was Isle of the Dead, on a Horror Double Feature DVD that was sent to me some time ago by my friend Rachel.  Boris Karloff, there could be no possible objection.  I may have written about it before (too lazy and/or doped up to check).  After it was over, I put the cable back on and looked at Snapped (what else?) while Steven took Spunky for a walk.

Now we are watching Malice, an old favorite of ours with plenty of twists and turns.  Steven had given me a choice between that one and A Perfect Murder with Gwyneth Paltrow, but I thought it had been longer since we had seen Malice.  It was partway into the movie that we remembered that Paltrow has a small part in it.  We both thought that was kind of cool.  And the night is young; we may get to another murder — uh, I mean movie — before we’re done.  Happy Monday, everyone.


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