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At Least My Toes Look Good!

So I’m still not writing at work.  I just can’t seem to settle into it.  I really need to write, too.  I need a project in hand to think about while I’m working.  Otherwise my brain just dwells on stupid, useless stuff.

After work, I had to hustle.  I got in the shower (did that ever feel good in this heat!), threw on some pretty OK clothes (full disclosure: it was the same outfit I wore to rehearsal last night; it didn’t get smelly and I think it looks good), and drove to the Hot Spot Salon and Spa for a much needed pedicure.

I had the trauma of having to un-paint my toenails and leave them thus plain for most of the summer, because of playing the Friar in Much Ado About Nothing (which you may have noticed a few blog posts about).  I was supposed to get the pedicure and a haircut on Saturday.  Well, I had a whale of a headache Saturday.  I made it to the Hot Spot and sat still for the cut, but when my stylist Clair offered to reschedule the pedicure, I was quite grateful to do so.  Today was the day we rescheduled it for.

I got a lovely deep shade of purple, like a shiny eggplant.  Once my toes were looking good, I picked my husband up and we headed to the Belly Up Pub for some food.  OK we had food at home, but I wanted to show off my toenails.

So I obviously have two things I could make good blog posts about, but it seems all I can manage right now is a brief shout-out to each.  This is what happens on Wuss-out Wednesday, even on a four-day week.  The Hot Spot Salon and Spa is located at 121 E. Albany St., Herkimer.  The Belly Up Pub is at 122 W. Albany St.  Both are well worthy of a post.  I’ll work on it.


We Bellied Up!

Last night when Tracy finally made it to Herkimer (see yesterday’s post about “Waitin’ on a Friend”), we were all famished.  I suggested Steven make us some scrambled eggs or something, but Tracy wanted more of an adventure.  Of course, she was the guest.  I suggested the Belly Up Pub.  It is close to our house and we have not been there since it re-opened under new management.

The Pub is now owned by the same fellow who owns Happen Inn in Little Falls, which had been one of the possibilities I considered earlier.  I figured we could count on a similar good meal at the new venue.  I was right.

We could have sat at the bar, at a tall table near the windows or at a regular size table.  I personally love to sit at a tall table, but Tracy said she was too short for a tall table.  We sat at a regular table and looked at the special board.  When the bartender was free, I went to the bar and asked was there table service or did we order from the bar.  She said we order from the bar and pointed out where menus are.  I got us menus and asked what Steven and Tracy wanted to drink.  Ice water with lemon for Tracy, Pinot Grigio for Steven and me.

It took longer to decide on food, but eventually I settled on a dozen steamed clams while Steven wanted a turkey club with fries, both of which were on the specials board.  Tracy ordered from the menu:  Wild Hog Wings and Portabello (my computer does not agree with ANY spelling I try of portobello and I cannot find it in my dictionary, how frustrating!) Mushroom Fries.  She insisted we help her finish the fries.  Yum!  The mushrooms had been sliced, breaded and deep-fried.  I love portobella mushrooms to begin with, and deep-fried is one of my favorite flavors.  I ate some of Steven’s french fries as well.  Yum!  Steven helped me with the clams, but Tracy did not.

We greatly enjoyed our dinner, and I plan to return to the Belly Up Pub soon.   I saw on their Facebook page they just expanded their hours, opening at 11 a.m. Monday through Saturday and at noon on Sunday.  Since I love going to a bar in the afternoon, this is great news for me.  The Belly Up Pub is located at 122 W. Albany St., Herkimer, NY, phone number 315-219-5578.  You can Like them on Facebook.  I did.


No Happy Hour, But Happy Dinner

In lieu of my usual Friday Lame Post, I thought I’d give a shout-out to a local business. We just had a lovely dinner thanks to Salvatore’s Pizzeria and Restaurant.

I had a shout-out to a different local business planned. Steven only worked till 4:30 this afternoon. Since I usually get home by four, I thought, “Perfect! We can meet at the Belly Up Pub for Happy Hour!” In fact, we would have been too early for Happy Hour, which begins at six most Fridays. However, I have a few half price drink coins, which I won in drawings at previous Happy Hours. Additionally, I had some stew beef I could put in the crock pot in the morning, so we could come home to a nice dinner after enjoying a couple of Happy Hour cocktails.

As it happened, I knew this morning I would probably be too tired for Happy Hour. Also, the stew beef had not thawed in the refrigerator. I know you can put frozen meat in the crock pot, but I was too tired and used the beef’s frozen state as an excuse.

“I’ll just cook the beef when I get home,” I told Steven, wondering even then if I would feel inclined to do such a thing.

Of course I did not. I don’t think Steven expected it either, because he almost immediately started talking about sending out for food. He had already decided a garlic pizza with sausage and green peppers sounded good. It sounded good to me, too. I further suggested an antipasto salad, and Steven got on the phone to Salvatore’s.

The meal arrived promptly and was delicious. I said, “I’m going to write my blog post about this!” And I’m sure we’ll make it to the Belly Up Pub for a cocktail one day soon.

Salavatore’s is located at 650 1/2 W. German St., Herkimer, phone 315-866-2600. Their website is The Belly Up Pub is at 122 W. Albany St., phone 315-219-5578, website Both businesses are also on Facebook.

The Dog Ate my Blog Post

Subtitle: Lame Excuses (which I may have used as a title previously) (too lazy to check, sorry). Did anybody seriously think I was going to forgo Lame Post Friday? Say it ain’t so!

My question of half-baked philosophy for today is: why do I get more Likes on these ridiculous posts than I do on my so-called (by me) real posts? Oh dear, have I just asked for nobody to Like this post? Oh well, I guess people will Like or not what they please. I have no control over other people.

So much for half-baked philosophy. What about random observations (on the off chance that there are readers just tuning in: Lame Post Friday is the day for random observations and half-baked philosophy). Steven and I both observed an adorably happy retriever-looking dog sticking his or her head out of a car. Steven at first was not sure if it was a dog, since it pulled its head back in for a moment (he was driving so was not observing as attentively as was I). Then he or she stuck his or her head back out again. Very cute.

Should I mention we were on our way to Happy Hour at the Belly Up Pub at the time? Or will people think I am a lush? Or judge me for drinking and typing? Well, I didn’t have that much to drink. We were only there an hour. We ate some munchies and enjoyed the mellow sounds of Phillip Arcuri. I intend to write a blog post about it.

For now, well, I’m afraid that’s it. I’m going to enjoy the rest of my Friday night. I hope you will do the same.

Friday Fun

I started my weekend fun at the Belly Up Pub Friday evening with music by Philip Arcuri.

Belly Up Pub is located on Albany Street in Herkimer, NY. Happy Hour is usually from 6 to 8 p.m. Fridays, but in January they are offering a bonus hour beginning at five. Steven worked till 5:30, so we met at the Pub.

Drinks and food were half price. I got a Pinot Grigio while Steven got a Brown Ale. We ordered nachos and an appetizer sampler which included chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, jalapeno poppers and sweet potato fries. The nachos came with queso dip, salsa and sour cream. We chose Ranch dip for the sampler.

The most enjoyable feature of the evening was the music by Philip Arcuri, who played guitar and sang. He played classic rock, mostly from the ’60s and ’70s, with a few thrown in from the ’80s. A lot of his playlist was mellow, but there were a few toe tappers. My favorite was “Mustang Sally.” I woo-wooed when he was done with that one.

The atmosphere in the BUP is very relaxed. I observed a wide range of ages in the patrons. Everybody seemed to be having a good time. Two bartenders took good care of everybody. Arcuri reminded us to tip them well.

When I had been talking about going to hear a musician at BUP, a co-worker had asked if there was dancing.

“There’s not a lot of space,” I said. “But I wish there was; I’d love to go dancing.”

“Oh, go ahead and dance. As long as you don’t do any lap dancing.”

When I came out of the Ladies Room just before we left, Arcuri was playing, “Last Kiss,” one of what Steven calls a Dead Teenager song from the ’60’s. For being about a sad subject, it is a really catchy tune. I came out of the bathroom dancing. Nobody seemed to mind.

It was a fun interlude to begin my weekend. It won’t be long before I make my way to the Belly Up Pub again. And I’ll be looking for another time to catch Philip Arcuri play.

Ready for Adventure

So I sat at work (while working of course; it’s that sort of a job) pondering what all I had to get done in less than an hour and a half.

“I have to take my shower, figure out what to wear, walk my dog, make my blog post and walk down to the Belly Up Pub to meet my husband,” I said to my friend.

“You’ll get it all done.”

“Or I won’t.” Which is the sort of thing another co-worker might say to me. And in fact, I didn’t. Unless we’re going to count this nonsense as a blog post. And, you know, I might, in which case I did get it all done and more, because I figured out what to wear at least twice (figured it several times; actually got dressed twice).

I wrote a blog post while at work today, which I found pretty amusing. I will probably use it in the future, but it seemed to difficult to type it in and edit it today. I wrote a pretty good Pedestrian Post in my head as I walked Tabby just now. Again, too much trouble to get it out of my brain right now. And my gyrations of deciding what to wear could also make for some good blogging.

Tomorrow, however, I hope to write about our fun at Happy Hour at the Belly Up Pub. I’ll be heading there shortly.

Just a further note: another co-worker suggested I make my blog post later. Well, I plan to be moderate, but it is often a bad idea to drink and type. I’m just saying.

Happy Anniversary, BUP!

I’ve given a shout-out to the Belly Up Pub before, but I feel it is appropriate to do so again, because they celebrated their one year anniversary last Saturday.

Herkimer Now posted the anniversary on their Facebook page and suggested people stop down to help celebrate following the Superhero Sprint. This sounded like a good idea to me. Steven worked till 4:30, so we made a plan to meet there.

The Belly Up Pub is located on 122 W. Albany St. in Herkimer, NY. The site hosted Albany Street Cafe when Steven and I first came to the area. Before that it was a place called Dineen’s. Dineen’s was open long enough ago that women were not allowed to stand at the bar. I would have a problem with that.

I left my house about quarter after four to walk down to the Belly Up. As usual, I felt a little guilty about walking anywhere without my dog, Tabby, but she’s not 21.

Sitting at the bar, I ordered a glass of wine and began writing a blog post (not this one). I wished the bartender a happy anniversary. Their real celebration did not start till six, with drink and food specials as well as live music later on, but Steven and I like to go to a bar early, when it’s not as crowded. We got to take advantage of the Happy Hour Specials.

I fell into conversation with some gentlemen that walked in after me, so I did not get much writing done. When Steven showed up, we ordered some appetizers, which saved me cooking dinner. The Appetizer Sampler includes your choice of fries: regular, sweet potato or eggplant. I chose eggplant, because you can’t get eggplant fries just anywhere. It came with two dipping sauces. Yum.

It was a very pleasant interlude. We hope to do it again soon, even without the excuse of wishing the Belly Up a happy anniversary. For more information on the Belly Up Pub, visit their website at Or you can like their Facebook page.

Help from the Belly Up

I realized I had neglected to write about a Mohawk Valley adventure Steven and I had the Saturday before last. We went to the Belly Up Pub in Herkimer, NY for their Summer Saturday, which on July 6 was also a fundraiser for victims of the recent flooding in the Mohawk Valley.

We went to a previous Summer Saturday and enjoyed it very much (perhaps you read my blog post about it). We may not have attended another that Saturday, what with our own flooded basement blues, but we felt we should support the cause. Also, blues notwithstanding (or maybe because of the blues), I thought it would benefit me to get out of the house for the evening.

We stopped for dinner first at Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner, handily located just a few doors down. After filling up on burgers and homemade chips (or is that a misnomer: homemade in a restaurant?) we repaired to the Belly Up.

It was early enough to easily find a table inside (tall bar tables such as I love). We figured we could go outside for dancing later if we decided to. For the moment, the air conditioning felt good.

It continued to feel good, and we ended up not going outside at all. DJ Big Poppa was spinning tunes. We enjoyed his selections. Our friends Phyllis and Jim joined us, and we had a fine time visiting and making silly jokes (two of my favorite pastimes). At one point we saw somebody setting up a camera.

“And me having a bad hair day,” I lamented. This, of course, was another silly joke. I have only one kind of hair day since my St. Baldrick’s Day adventure in June. It’s actually now about a half inch long (haven’t measured). I think it looks cute, although I may be flattering myself.

I didn’t pay too much attention to the camera after that, but I guess they did interview somebody. A fellow I work with saw it on the news and said Phyllis and I were in the background. I knew there was a reason I should watch my local news on Sunday.

We later learned the evening raised over $1,800, to be donated to the United Way CNY Flood Recovery Fund. This is especially good news, as it seems FEMA is not going to come through with help for individuals. In light of that, I’m wondering if we will see fundraisers in other venues. Way to set the example, Belly Up Pub!

Props to the Belly Up Pub

I believe I’ve given a shout-out to the Belly Up Pub before. It is on Albany Street in Herkimer, NY, in the space that formerly housed Albany Street Cafe and before that something called Dineen’s (that was before my time). My husband Steven and I had a very fun time there last Saturday night.

It was a sort of a reply to Utica’s Saranac Thursdays: a live band in the parking lot. Simple Props was playing.

We arrived shortly after eight and paid our $5 cover, then wandered into the bar to get a drink. We found a tall table (my favorite kind) next to the window. Steven had been at work all day and wanted to sit down just at first. We noticed a couple of people had brought their own chairs to sit outside in. Not a bad idea.

We ended up going back and forth between inside and out. We’d go outside and enjoy the band, then go back inside when our feet started to hurt. There was not as much dancing going on as I would have liked, but we did boogey down to one song.

The band, Simple Props, was excellent. I especially liked their ’80s covers. They were obviously having a good time, which is something I always look for in a band. Some people congregated across the street, listening for free. The lead singer invited them over, but I don’t know if any of them came. I think at least some of them were underage.

The event drew a pretty good crowd. I observed a variety of ages, which I always like to see. Security was very much in evidence, but nobody was getting out of hand while we were there. Even I behaved myself.

We did not stay too late, because Steven had to work the next day. The Belly Up Pub is close enough to our house that we could walk, which is another think I like on a night out. We’re going to watch for more bands at the Belly Up. If you like them on Facebook, you can watch, too.