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All Dressed Up for Non-Sequitur Thursday

Oh, the days when I have Mohawk Valley Adventures and then feel too tired to write about them!  It is for just such an emergency that Non-Sequitur Thursday was invented (by me).

I got home from work, showered (I have the sort of job you shower after, I mention for the sake of those who did not know or had forgotten), and put on a cute outfit (although I daresay I flatter myself).  Steven and I had planned on shopping and dining.

We went to Rose Quartz Stand.  I had a gift certificate I had won at a Herkimer County Historical Society fundraiser.  We took a long time walking around and deciding.  I will probably return for even more Christmas shopping (and a little shopping for me).  After making our purchases, we walked down the sidewalk to Jamo’s for dinner.  Yum!

Now we are home relaxing.  I hope to write more about both our stops later.  In the meantime,  here is a brief shout-out to two Herkimer businesses.

The Rose Quartz Stand is located at 105 Mohawk St., Herkimer NY, phone number 315-868-5199.  They are open 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday,  11 a.m. to 5 p.m, Saturday, closed Sunday and Friday.

Jamo’s Restaurant and Bar is located at 123 Mohawk St., phone number 315-866-1746.  They are open 4 to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday,  11 a.m. to 9 p.m, Saturday and Sunday.


Fun Thursday at the End Zone

I see that last Thursday I did not blog about going out to eat.  Was it last Thursday?  Perhaps it was another day, and I am looking at the wrong blog posts.  My point is that one day recently,  I came home from work and Steven said, “I want to send out or go out for dinner,  and I said, “GO out!”

The same thing happened today.  We ended up at the End Zone Pub and Grub in Herkimer and had a very nice time.

We arrived about twenty till five, ordered wine and asked if the kitchen was open.  The owner told us it would be at five, when his son arrived.  We sipped our wine and bided our time.

Eventually I got a cheeseburger and Steven got chicken tenders with fries.  I helped him eat his fries.  While we sipped and ate, we talked about plays, movies, the Oscars, and playing darts.  Two other patrons were playing darts at the time.

As we left, I told the owner I wanted to get a picture of him and his son for a blog post some time.

“Do you want to do it now?” he asked, and called his son out.

The men responsible for our good time.

After I got that shot, I took a couple more.

My date for the evening.


The dart board.

I thought it made for a fun Thursday night.  One more work day to get through before the weekend!


Wuss Out or Shout Out?

It is Wuss-out Wednesday, I’m afraid, but I hope to add a modicum of worthiness to the proceedings with a shout-out to a local business, the Miners’ Table in Herkimer, NY.

Steven and I first went to the Miners Table on a recent Sunday, and I hope to write an article about it for Mohawk Valley Living magazine.  In fact, I have started writing the article.  Full disclosure:  I could have finished writing the article without returning to the place, but I wanted to go out.  So did Steven.  So we went.

We sat at the bar, as we did before, and ordered drinks and an appetizer.   I wandered around the restaurant with my Tablet, taking a few pictures.  I will submit the pictures with the article.  I suppose I could also use them in this post, but, like I said, this is Wuss-out Wednesday.

It was a fun interlude for mid-week.  We chatted a little with the bartender. She said it was a great place to work, where they treat their employees well. I told Steven he should apply for a job.  The appetizer we got, Hammer and Chisel Nachos, was as substantial as a meal.  I understand most people order it as a four-person appetizer, but I think it would still be pretty substantial.  The wine was tasty too.

The Miners’ Table is located at the Herkimer Diamond Mines, 4579 State Rt. 28, Herkimer, NY, 315-891-3463.


Mid-Week Meal Out

As Steven and I drove to Salvatore’s in Herkimer for dinner, I said, “And the beauty part is, I can write a blog post about our dinner!”  So here I am, trying to make the post but full disclosure:  all I want is another glass of Chardonnay!  Don’t judge me.

There was really no reason for a dinner out tonight, except that we wanted to go.  Salvatore’s is right in town, and we like them.  When we pulled into the parking lot at 4:08 (I was looking at the clock in the car), the parking lot was empty.  So was the dining room, and a nice young man invited us to it wherever we would like.  Steven suggested an intimate table for two.

Soon we were sipping Chardonnay and perusing menus.  We got up to look at the special board again, after telling the waitress that yes, we had seen the specials.  We decided to order off the menu.  I got a Chicken Greek Wrap with pasta salad while Steven got a Spinach Salad with ranch dressing and a bowl of vegetable-beef-potato soup.  The parking lot got more full as we sat there.  A few more people came in for take-out orders and a young man sat in the dining room for a slice of pizza.  Additionally, a few people were sitting outside at a table.  I had thought of sitting outside at a table but ultimately felt it was too warm for me.

Our dinners were delicious, and we had leftovers to take home.   These will enhance my lunch tomorrow and perhaps our dinner another day.  We enjoyed the quiet dining surroundings, although we have also enjoyed busier nights when we have seen people we know dining.

I highly recommend Salvatore’s, 650 1/2 W/ German St., Herkimer, NY.  You can Like them on Facebook.


What Weight-Loss Goals?

In lieu of my usual Wuss-out Wednesday nonsense, I shall give a brief shout-out to one of my stops on Scattered Saturday:  Franco’s Pizza in Ilion, NY.

Kim and I were having great luck finding fashion at New 2 You Consignments, but we were getting hungry.  We were discussing where to go and mentioned that Franco’s was right next door.  Robbi, the proprietor or New 2 You, highly recommended the place, so we went right over.

I was immediately charmed with the retro 1950’s decor.  We looked at entrees and desserts in the case and pondered our options.  Finally I settled on a small antipasto salad, and Kim got a roast beef sub.  We also had a couple of garlic knots. Yum!  We both took leftovers home.

Naturally I am making plans to bring Steven to Franco’s at the earliest opportunity.  I still have to try their pizza and their pasta and their subs and, oh yes, their desserts!  Also, I will want their antipasto and garlic knots again.  No wonder I have such trouble meeting my weight-loss goals.

Franco’s Pizza is located at 6 Central Plaza, Ilion, phone number 315-894-5580.  They are open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.  For more information, visit their website at  You can also Like them on Facebook.  I did.


Why I’m Fat

In lieu of my usual Middle-aged Musings Monday (or Monday Mental Meanderings, I guess), I would like to give a brief shout-out to a local business.  Yesterday, Steven, our friend Kim and I had a good meal at Asteroga Ale House in Herkimer, NY.

We had just left Little Falls, where we met with other members of LiFT Theatre Company to brainstorm about the interactive murder mystery we are doing at the Overlook Mansion in February.  I’ll write more about that later!  Theatre stuff always makes me work up an appetite.  OK, any little thing, including the mere passage of time, works up an appetite for me.  Be that as it may, I wanted to eat and dragged Steven and Kim along with me.

It was shortly before five p.m. when we walked in and easily found seats at the bar.  I like to sit at the bar.  We ordered drinks and perused the menu.  I got the special of 1/4 pound cheeseburger with curly fries.  Steven got a BLT sandwich with chips.  Kim, who generally eats light, ordered sweet potato fries.  While we waited for the food, we looked at a football game on the television and chatted about our upcoming theatre projects.

The food tasted really good.  I shared my fries with Steven but still chowed down on a lot of them myself.   This is why I have such trouble meeting my weight-loss goals.

The Asteroga Ale house is located at 122 W. Albany Street, Herkimer, New York, phone number (315) 219-5578.  You can Like them on Facebook.


Dinner before Skulls and Bats

I wanted to go to a couple of stores and look at the post-Halloween sales, because I need some skulls and bats.  To encourage Steven to go with me, I suggested we get dinner out.  As an added bonus for me, I asked could we go somewhere that would make a good blog post.  We decided to try a place we hadn’t been to yet: Roma’s Pizza and Pasta in Herkimer, NY.

Roma’s is a fairly recent addition to our choices of places to eat in Herkimer.  It is located in the site previously occupied by Brian’s Roast Beef Deli.  We miss Brian’s!  But we hoped we would like Roma’s as well.

I noticed the daily specials on the wall outside the store: today’s was large cheese pizza, 20 wings, small antipasto, 2 liter, $34.   We weren’t that hungry.  As we walked in we encountered a delicious aroma.  Maybe we were that hungry.   A couple of people were standing near the counter in front, waiting for take-out orders.  We walked to the tables in the back, sat down, and looked at menus.

After great indecision I ordered a cheeseburger with fries while Steven got chicken tenders and fries.  He got coffee and I had water.  I confess to being intrigued by the Phat Sandwiches, which sounded huge, messy and wonderful.  However, I concluded that my first assessment of not being that hungry was probably right.  Actually, the cheeseburger was quite large and came with a generous helping of fries.  Oh, was it tasty!

I picked up a copies of the menu and the daily specials as we left.  We will definitely go to Roma’s again!  Roma’s Pizza and Pasta is located at 122 N. Main St, Herkimer, phone number 315-866-7888.



Next Time with the View

Today I shall give a brief, slightly belated shout-out to Cucina Berto in Frankfort, NY, where Steven and I recently enjoyed lunch. We had heard about the place some time ago from Mohawk Valley Living. I’m thinking we just do not eat out often enough, or we would have eaten there sooner, because, yum.

Cucina Berto is located at Frankfort Marina, so there is a lovely view of the water from the tables on the deck.  However, we opted to sit inside, because it was raining.  Inside seating is more limited, but we found a seat with no problem.  The waitress brought us menus.  We both asked for coffee and a glass of water.

We got cheeseburgers.  Steven got fries with his, which he graciously shared with me.  I’m trying to lose weight so should stay away from such things, but sometimes I cannot resist.  They were very good french fries.

I noticed some good-sounding breakfast items on the menu.  Cucina Berto serves breakfast all day, so I can return at any time to try those.  I probably will.

Cucina Berto is located at 143 Marina Park Dr., Frankfort, NY, phone number 315-717-7724.  For more information you can visit their website at  You can also Like them on Facebook.


Post-Parade Pizza

Last Friday after the Doodah Parade in Ilion, some of us were quite hungry (yes, I am pretty much always hungry, what’s your point?).  We adjourned to Salvatore’s in Herkimer for some food and drinks.

I think the waitress remembered me from other visits, because she asked right away if I was thinking of a glass of wine.  I ordered Pinot Grigio.

“And a glass of water?” she asked.  It’s nice to be a regular.

I ordered a cheeseburger (I know the headline says “pizza,” but I wasn’t thinking about alliteration when I ordered).  I asked if I could substitute pasta salad for french fries.  I could.  Steven got fries with his burger, so I got to try a few anyways (diet?  What diet?).  I also tried a couple of sweet potato fries that one of our friends ordered.  Yum!  Other friends got pizza and wings.  We have enjoyed Salvatore’s pizza and wings many times, usually getting them delivered.

We ended up pushing a couple of tables together as more friends showed up after we had sat down.  Nobody minded.  The dining room was not busy, perhaps because it was later than the normal dinner hour.  The place continued to do a large take-out business, as usual.  It sure is good food!

We always have a good time when we eat at Salvatores, and have a great meal when we order delivery.  Salvatore’s is located at 650 1/2 W. German St., Herkimer, NY, phone number 315-866-2600.  For more information you can visit their website at You can also Like them on Facebook, where they usually share their daily specials.


Good Chips at Arthur’s

When Steven and I were out adventuring in Newport yesterday, we knew we wanted to go out to lunch but we didn’t know where.  I said it was too bad we were not in the vicinity of Dolgeville, or we could go to Arthur’s.  Steven did not think it would be a too far drive, and he was right.  It was actually a fun drive over country roads.  Once we got to Dolgevile, we found our destination with no problem (I have only been to Dolgeville a very few times).

We had been to Arthur’s one time previously, when I was getting my head shaved for a St. Baldrick’s Day Fundraiser (perhaps you read one of my blog posts about it).  We had some drinks and food and a lot of laughs that day.  We’ve been meaning to get to Arthur’s again ever since, but, well, we just don’t eat out enough, that’s all.

We walked into the bar section and sat right down at the bar.  We like to sit at the bar.  We ordered drinks and spent a lot of time looking at the menu.  Everything looked so good!  I finally decided on one of the specials, an Alamo Chicken Wrap. Steven got The Bird: turkey, bacon and provalone.  Both sandwiches came with homemade chips. I LOVE homemade chips!

When our food  arrived, the chips were even better than I expected.  I order homemade chips almost every time they are available, and these were among the best I have ever tasted.  The sandwich was quite delicious as well. We were very happy with our visit, and hope to return to Arthur’s soon.

Arthur’s American Restaurant is located at 19 South Main St, Dolgeville, NY, phone number 315- 429-9646.