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Fun Breakfast

Last Sunday Steven had the day off, which is rare, and we had a lot of cleaning to do in our recently flooded basement, which these days is not the least bit rare. We still were not able to cook on our stove, and we needed sustenance before we began. I offered to cook scrambled eggs in the microwave, but Steven said, “Let’s go out.” Where to go?

I have often driven by the Family Fun Center, a bright purple and fuchsia Victorian-looking building (not that I know from architecture) on Main Street in Mohawk, NY, but never ventured in. I thought it was more a place that families went for parties or activities or, you know, fun. I knew they did a Friday Fish Fry, because a sign out front says so. A co-worker said they did a good breakfast, so after debating where to go on Sunday, we decided to check it out.

It’s often problematic to go out for breakfast on a Sunday, because this is probably the most popular day for breakfast out. I do hate fighting a crowd. I said if we could find a parking space, we could probably find a seat. As we walked in the back door (we tried the front, but a sign there said to use the back), a little girl immediately said, “Hi!”

“It is a fun center,” I said, after returning the greeting. We sat in a booth and looked around.

It is an old house with large rooms and an ornate ceiling that I admired. The dining room is brightly painted and decorated with retro and antique Coca-Cola memorabilia. I do enjoy a restaurant with cool things to look at. Adjoining the dining room is a room with a pool table and video games. I did not walk in and check out what all they had, but it looked like a fun center to me.

I ordered an egg sandwich on a roll with bacon, egg and cheese. Steven got eggs over medium with bacon, toast and some very yummy potatoes (I tried them). We had a strenuous day of basement cleaning ahead of us, but we felt we had fueled up for the endeavor.