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Third Breakfast’s the Charm?

I threatened to write another blog post about the Lady Elks Sunday Breakfast if we went again, and naturally we went again.

Once again, the Lady Elks put on a breakfast on Sundays in January to support various projects for the year. Since I love community events and I love food, it is not surprising I would be there every week, schedule permitting, which it has so far.

I decided to mix things up a little: I got my eggs over medium instead of scrambled and said yes to pancakes. I also got whole wheat toast, bacon, baked beans and potatoes with onion, as I previously did. So Steven and I had identical breakfasts this week, aside from our juice (orange and tomato, respectively). Do I even have to mention we also had coffee? I thought not.

Once again Steven got his breakfast first. The ladies delivering the meals were not calling out the numbers this week, so I did not get the chance to laugh heartily as every number surrounding mine was called first. It wasn’t that long of a wait in any case.

I hadn’t had pancakes and eggs in a long time. It used to be a big favorite. Steven would even fix it for dinner sometimes. Too late I realized I should have asked them to bring me only one pancake. I felt bad to not eat everything I had asked for, but you can only stuff yourself so full.

“Are you not gong to finish that?” Steven asked.

“Do you want it?” Now I did not have to feel guilty. I only left some of the beans. I got up to search for some water to take ibuprofen, and when I got back to the table our plates were gone.

“The lady said if you weren’t finished, it was my fault,” Steven told me.

I made like I was going to pound on the table and holler, just to be silly. I guess they just would have told me it was Steven’s fault, or maybe gotten a big Elk to throw me out.

We left the breakfast and headed to the grocery store, for once doing what the magazine articles advise you to do and not shop on an empty stomach. Just to prove my contrary nature, it was not a successful trip. If I don’t shop at least a little hungry, I don’t buy enough food. But that’s a subject for another post.

In the meantime, local readers have one more Sunday to enjoy breakfast with the Lady Elks: January 29, 8 to 11 am, on Mary Street in Herkimer, NY. Hope to see you there.

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