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One Last Breakfast

I was a tad bit concerned my posts about the Lady Elks’ Sunday Breakfasts would become repetitious, but yet I must write one last time.

Last Sunday was the final breakfast offered by the Lady Elks this year. I was quite pleased that we were able to attend each one. In previous years work schedules interfered, and that could easily have been the case this year. However, good fortune was with us, and we enjoyed four yummy Sunday breakfasts.

Not much different happened this past Sunday from what I have previously reported. The food was yummy, the service was great, and we supported the Lady Elks’ projects for the year. Once again Steven got his food first. I accused the server of liking him better (can’t blame her, really).

“I don’t cook the food,” the lady defended herself. “And you probably should be just as glad about that!”

Our coffee guy was very attentive. I don’t think I went lower than half a cup the whole time.

Everybody we talked to was as sorry as we were to see the breakfasts end. The Lady Elks promised they’d be back again next year. I’ll be sure to watch the newspapers. Or maybe I’ll hear about it at a Friday night fish fry. Those are still going on, and I intend to go again.

This has been a short post, but I think that’s OK. I’ll make up for it on another day. Maybe one of the times I get silly.

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