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The Meating Place

The other day as I was driving home, I remembered that Steven and I had not planned anything for dinner. This has happened a lot lately, and we’ve either gotten delivery or just not eaten very well. Then I remembered that I drive right by Mohawk Village Market on my way home. We still had macaroni salad that I had made earlier in the week. All I needed was some meat.

A long time ago in this blog, I noted that on the outside of Mohawk Village Market, they advertise themselves as “The Meating Place.” Another sign declares, “You Never Sausage a Place.” I do love a good pun (although some sources say there is no such thing). I had heard from several people that the Market had a good butcher section. I would check it out.

The meat counter runs across the whole back wall. The selection was excellent. I had barely started pondering my choices when a man asked if he could help me. I had been thinking sausage (because of that sign), but some quite beautiful pork chops caught my eye (Steven loves pork chops).

“But they’re so big,” I said.

“So only eat one,” he suggested.

I could probably eat half of one and be content, but I got two. I don’t think our finances are so bad that Steven and I need to be splitting a pork chop for dinner. While the man was wrapping them, I noticed some Spiedie Beef and Pork Chops. I love Spiedie meats! (Although I’m not clear on how to spell “Spiedie” and we have since thrown away the package.) I got the beef, so as not to be getting too much pork.

When I got in line to check out, the other customers were making funny jokes with the cashier. They were obviously all acquainted. I do love a small town atmosphere. I was quite pleased with my purchases. We fried up the Spiedie Beef right away and froze the pork chops for future consumption.

Mohawk Village Market is located at 24 West Main Street, Mohawk, NY. Phone number is 315-866-3344.

Final note: I searched “spiedie meats” on my computer when I typed this in. Spiedie is the correct spelling.

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