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Not Exactly a Lame Post

This post may strike some as lame, or at least not up to whatever standard of entertainment I have set, but I don’t feel I can call it a lame post, because the subject matter is… not lame.

Last week I wrote very briefly that a bad event had taken place in Herkimer, NY. In fact, it was still going on as I wrote. Briefly, a man had set fire to the house where he had an apartment then went on a shooting rampage. Well, the event is now over (perpetrator dead along with a police dog), and the Mohawk Valley begins the healing process. As part of that process, some wonderful people have organized the Love and Compassion Benefit for victims and their families, including victims of the fire as well as of the shootings.

I get a tear in my eye when I think about this, because I think, THIS is what people are like. Real people, most people, come together after a tragedy and try to help. Most people do not take guns and shoot other people. No, I don’t have any official statistics on this, but here’s what I see: one guy set a fire and shot people. Lots and lots of people are trying to help during the aftermath.

The benefit will be Sunday, March 24. It was originally to run from noon to five, but has been extended to eight. It was originally to be held only at the American Legion in Mohawk, but they have moved the Silent Auction to Francesca’s in Ilion. The auction will run from noon to 5:30, with drawings beginning at six. Admission to the auction is free, then you purchase tickets of course. Admission at the Legion is $10 and includes refreshments and entertainment. There will be a heated tent to handle the overflow.

When I saw the event shared on Facebook, I emailed one of the organizers and asked if they would like one of my afghans for the auction. I dropped it off this afternoon after work. I had thought to write my blog post about the adventure of driving through unfamiliar streets in Ilion (it was a little adventuresome), but after writing about the benefit, I think I’ll leave it at that.

According the the Event posted on Facebook, 740 people are going to the benefit. Really, that’s just the people that saw it on Facebook and hit “Going.” I think the place is going to be mobbed, and I think that that is just wonderful.

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