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Lame Hair Anyways

My original headline was “I Might Be Bald,” but in fact, I don’t think there is a “might” about it: I intend to BE bald! This isn’t exactly a lame post either, but I missed Lame Post Friday (made a post, not too lame), and I like this headline better. So enough about that, on with the post.

Sometime in June, I intend to participate in a St. Baldrick’s Day event. St. Baldrick’s Foundation is an organization dedicated to raising money for children’s cancer. They have events in which participants get their heads shaved after hitting up friends, family and acquaintances for donations. They say it’s like a walkathon only without the blisters.

Usually when I mention my intention, somebody says, “Oh, you’re going to donate your hair?” No, they don’t make wigs. In fact, the last time I was growing my hair out, I checked out one of the wig making web sites, and it turned out they didn’t want grey hair. I got it cut that afternoon. I tell people that this is more along the lines of a solidarity thing: you lost your hair to cancer? I’ll be bald, too!

I think it’s a beautiful thing. I’m not saying I’ll be beautiful, but then again, maybe I will. Perhaps by then I will have learned to include photos in my blog and my readers can be the judge.

I went to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation website,, and looked at some possibilities. I liked one at the North Syracuse VFW June 16. My sister who lives in Liverpool would probably accompany me to that one, although I believe she would keep her hair. However, that’s Father’s Day, and I may have Dad plans. Then I saw one at Richfield Springs Community Center on June 2.

One may wonder why I do not try to participate in one at Utica College March 27. Closer in distance and time! As it happens, I’m in a play at Ilion Little Theatre in May. The director (my husband, in fact), would prefer I had hair at that time.

I will share more about my bald intentions when I have actually signed up for an event. In the meantime, I thought I’d put it out there. For one thing, the more I say I’m going to do it, the less wiggle room I have to back out. Me back out? Never! We’re going to have a bald Mohawk Valley Girl! Stay tuned!


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