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Shout Out to Symeon’s

I mentioned briefly having lunch at Symeon’s on Saturday. I thought I’d write a little more about them today, in the interests of plugging a local business that is well worth the praise.

Symeon’s, located at 4941 Commercial Dr., Yorkville, NY, is a family run Greek restaurant that has been in business for a number of years. When I worked in New Hartford (which is like, right next to Yorkville, for people unfamiliar with the area), I would treat myself to lunch there when the opportunity arose. Now that I work in Ilion, the opportunities are fewer, so I was delighted when Phyllis fell in with my suggestion to have lunch there.

Actually, “fell in with” is kind of a… what’s the opposite of exaggeration? It turns out Phyllis is just as big a fan of Symeon’s as I am. It didn’t really surprise me: lots of people love Symeon’s I was a little worried we’d have to wait for a table (worth the wait, but I was hungry). However, we were seated with no problem in one of the three dining rooms. The three dining rooms make for a cozy atmosphere and a quieter one than what you find in places with one big dining room.

We both ordered the Souvlaki Platter, which comes with a basket of warm flat bread. I asked for extra yoghurt sauce, to dip the bread in. Love that Greek yoghurt sauce. When my sister eats at Symeon’s, she almost always orders the Calimarakia (known as kalamari at other places), which is some of the best I’ve ever eaten. The Thracian chicken is good, too, and their soup is yummy, although Souvlaki is what I order most often. We did not order dessert, but I’ve had their chocolate mousse, which is excellent.

The service was very good, too. When our waitress was moved to another section, she brought her replacement over to the table and introduced her. I thought that was classy.

I had not eaten at Symeon’s in a long time, because, as I mentioned, I don’t get to the area as often. I’ll have to make more of an effort in the future, because, yum.

For more information on Symeon’s call 315-736-4074, visit their website at, or Like them on Facebook.

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