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Don’t Mind Me

I delayed writing my blog post during my break at work in order to practice mindful eating. I couldn’t think of anything to write about anyways. Now that I’ve eaten and still have six minutes left on my break, I will attempt a Mid-week Middle-aged Musing on Mindfulness (enough Ms for you?).

I love to read while I eat. Or write. Or even watch television. We are told by nutrition experts (both real ones and the self-appointed kind) that this is the wrong thing to do. The theory is if you NOTICE your food while it is going in, you will feel more satisfied.

Many of us have observed the phenomenon of shoveling in food while distracted by book, computer, whatever, and suddenly realizing we’ve done away with an entire bag of chips. So the theory makes a lot of sense. I thought I’d try it. Full disclosure: I’ve tried it before and I can’t quite remember the results.

That was when my six minutes was up and I had to go back to work. I practiced mindful eating at lunch, too. It still only took me five minutes to eat my salad, but then I called Steven and talked rather than writing the rest of this blog post.

My conclusion is: if you’re eating something that tastes really good, mindful eating is the way to go. Enjoy it. I don’t imagine anybody needed me to tell them this, but, hey, I need a blog post and this is all I got.

On the brighter side, the reason I’m going with this instead of trying to come up with something more profound is that I have an authentic Mohawk Valley adventure planned. We’re going to see the Diamond Dawgs baseball team in Little Falls, NY. I’m hoping it’ll make a dandy blog post, and I’m hoping you’ll stay tuned.

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